Top 5 Best Clock Widgets for Android

Android does give its users some great features and customization abilities. One of the customization options that Android users have is the ability to add widgets to their home screen. There are many widgets out there that one can use to add some beauty as well as style to their home screen.

One of the useful widgets that one can consider is the clock widget. If you’re a fan of these widgets here are what we consider to be the top 5 clock widgets for Android.

#1. Onca clock widget

Here’s a unique widget that adds a modern, but simple style to your home screen. The app combines both analog and digital clock to make an interesting look to your home screen. There are more options to adjust the widget to meet your personal preferences.


  • Customization options such as font size, transparency and much more
  • You could make the hours appear as digits and minutes as rings
  • Start arbitrary apps by tapping on clock or date
onca Clock Widget
Price: Free+

#2. DIGI clock widget

I’d call this the user-friendly version of minimalistic text widget. It offers the user with a variety of fonts that they can get to choose from. On top of that, there are a host of other customization options for those that might want that option


  • Widget comes in different sizes
  • Widget preview feature during setup
  • Widget click actions feature is available
  • You can use a picture as widget background
DIGI Clock Widget
Price: Free

#3. Clock Q

This app is also similar to a certain extent to the previous widget on this list. It does offer a number of customization options to the users, but it’s all to a certain extent as others are kept aside for premium users


  • You can tap to open custom application
  • A number of customization options
  • Support for lock screen

#4. Clock now

Fans of the Google Now launcher are definitely going to love this one. This app is designed with the launcher in mind. It does offer its users with a number of customization options including quick setting buttons and system information as well.


  • No ads
  • Many customization options
  • User-friendly
Clock Now
Price: Free

#5. Pretty Binary Clock widget

I’d personally say that this is the best of the bunch. Here we have a widget that’s probably going to work with about any theme that you’ll put it in. It uses binary code to display time, so it also looks interesting and unique. The minimalistic design is also surely to be appreciated by many


  • It’s unique as it uses binary code to display time
  • Offers some customization options
  • It’s pretty and interesting as well

These are just some of the widgets that you could try on your phone. Do you have any suggestions? Have you ever tried any of these widgets? Let us know your opinion in the comments section. We’d like to hear from you.

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