Google Pixel Owners Reporting LTE Connectivity Issues

For Google and other device makers, it indeed never just rains but also manages to pour damaging floods aplenty. Just soon after launch, the inherent faults and incapabilities of its over-hyped, overpriced Google Pixel flagship are presently and eye-watering apparent. With user frustrations and dissatisfaction galore.

From being almost unable to pair with car systems last month, its prime pair of devices has just recently graduated to having connectivity problems on the LTE  band 4 frequency. While connectivity issues currently exist across all bands, it is precisely on the LTE band 4 that users are reporting the most irritating of  problems. With the  LTE band 4 being the sole available network in some areas in North and South  America, this is potentially a huge issue that is further guaranteed to leave Google with some more eggs on its googly face. However, according to most reports, T-Mobile users report no such problems. Thereby indicating that either an evil spirit in the Google Pixel is currently running loose or that the LTE band 4 issue affects and punishes only specific networks like a bad teacher.

When contacted, Google intimated that it was aware of the issue and was doggedly working on an update that will be the magic bullet to solve the problems. When this will happen and be released is unknown but is hopefully rather soon before users break out the cutlasses and rise up in revolt. Whether Google can even fix the reported issues is not clear because it might still be due to a hardware rather than a software fault.

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These illustrate more and more the failure of premium phones to perform as advertised and priced. It is either they are exploding like an artillery shell or prove delicate as an egg-shell after you sold your inheritance to buy one.

Got to say, am so googly disappointed and equally outraged. Better go relearn what quality control is dear Google. Unless you want to Samsung yourself that is!


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