How to Convert MP3 to MIDI

The Musical Instrument Digital Interface otherwise called MIDI is a music file format many see as the building blocks of music. This makes one wonder how possible it could be to convert music files such as mp3 back to MIDI, given that the MIDI files aren’t the conventional audio files. Not to worry, though, as there are still various ways to convert your mp3 songs to MIDI.

But first, check out how to convert mp4 to mp3.

Convert MP3 to MIDI using WIDI Recognition System Professional

The WIDI Recognition System Professional software is a paid PC software you can use to convert your mp3 files to MIDI. Download and install the software from here, then launch it. A Wizard window will pop up

  1. Select the “Transcribe Pre-recorded MP3, Wave or CD” option and Click Next.
  2. Navigate to and click the “Browse” button, then choose the mp3 file you’d like to convert > Click Next. The application will try to recognize the MIDI sequence in the mp3.
  3. Ignore the prompt to choose a Preset under the “Recognition Preset” section that will appear when recognition is complete > Click Next.
  4. The software will run another analysis on the mp3. Click the “Finish” when the conversion is complete. This will launch the main window of the software.
  5. Navigate to and click the Save button below the menu bar to save your MIDI file.

The free version will only save the first 10 seconds of the converted MIDI.

Convert using online converters

There are some free and easy to use online converters such as the following.

  1. OFOCT – Visit OFOCT. Navigate to and click the “Upload” button to choose the mp3 files you’d like to convert to MIDI. Download your MIDI files when the conversion is complete.
  2. Conversion Cat – Visit ConversionCat. Click the “Choose File” button > Select your mp3 files. On the “Extensions available” section, select MIDI > Enter your email address to receive your download link > click the convert button.

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