Facebook Gameroom- Really a Steam Competitor?

Some of those people who really spend a lot of their time playing Facebook games will never understand what I mean. Okay, I get it right that you spend countless hours playing Candy Crush Saga, 8 Ball pool on Facebook. But what does it give back to you? I guess nothing. I have never heard ever that anyone has been in the news for playing some sort of Facebook game, but not just me, probably you have heard or read about the amount of prize money of TI DOTA 2- The winner team gets millions of dollars as prize money. We have seen the latest Steam rival from Facebook- The facebook Gameroom, which basically brings Facebook games to your desktop. But does it really have the capabilities to beat Steam? Let’s have a comparison.

Steam is not something like Facebook Gameroom!

Steam is all about games- no other shits! Steam is a combination of a huge game library and a social network with instant messaging support, trading options and many other things- including a fully functional music player and a browser that you can use to browse the web when you die at the starting of a round in CS: GO. Facebook Gameroom is all about arcade games and a bit of just basic level racing games.

Connections and networking- Steam vs Facebook Gameroom

On Steam, I can basically do almost everything I want on the web- web browsing, chatting with friends, inviting friends to watch my gameplay or just simply invite them to join the game. Steam seamless gets connected to Facebook and lets me find the friends on Facebook who play on Steam. There are many graphic intense games on Steam that can not be compared with games on Gameroom. Facebook Gameroom should have seriously worked on adding more features and then make it available to public. Facebook is surely planning to do live gaming broadcast but who will watch those broadcasts of people playing childish games? It could have been much better if they could integrate mobile gaming into Facebook Gameroom and made the product available for smartphones only, rather than moving onto desktop directly. But, yes I can understand Mark’s feelings- He wants to own everything.

Game Library

How many super popular games do you have Facebook? DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty? When a game is popular among PC gamers then either you should integrate it to your Gameroom or leave this stupid idea, or else just bring the mobile games (duh)! Who the hell plays mobile games on a PC with Nvidia GeForce or AMD GPU? It’s either the waste of resources or your stupidity. At first, I was a bit excited thinking that the gameplay will be a good experience, but soon I realized that Facebook Gameroom is not for those who are hardcore PC gamers and prefer and non-touch notebook. And yes, Facebook Gameroom doesn’t seem to have any titles from SuperCell like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale!

Why everyone is like ‘Oh Facebook launched a Steam competitor’valve-corporation-recre

Major online publisher have gone gaga over the launch of the Facebook Gameroom and I think they didn’t even take a look and verify what Gameroom does, what features it has and all. They just got convinced about the features of this Candy Crush Playing Platform. And yes, it’s not that easy to competet with Valve Corporation.

It’s all about money

facebook wants to grab some cash in the form of advertising fees from game developers. They are trying hard to convince the developers that it is gonna be a huge platform and their games will find lots of audience as Facebook is the world’s largest social networking platform. But, does it have to do anything with the users? Certainly yes, because they will get shitty games to play and maybe even forced to play a game on Facebook Gameroom as it’s exclusive.

A bit of advice

If you find a cool game on Facebook Gameroom, just try to search the same on Google Play because most of the games you find here will be surely available on Play Store. Well, facebook Gameroom couldn’t bring any games from SuperCell to Gameroom, what a shame! So, forget about playing Clash of Clans and Clash Royale on your PC or laptop and enjoy these games on your iPad, tablet or phone. Right now, the platform isn’t just mature enough for gamers. For casual games, it’s still okay but if you are looking for adrenaline-pumping super addictive games with a great story, gameplay and awesome graphics, just switch to Steam.

So, here was chunks of my thoughts regarding the Facebook Gameroom, I ain’t be playing there anyway. However, if you wanna play Counter Strike or DOTA 2, surely you can join me on Steam.

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