Freecharge Wallet On Delivery Launched

Following the surprising and widely unexpected  banning of the Rs, 500 and Rs. 1000 notes by the Modi Govt, in an ostensible bid to more effectively fight corruption and insidious black market money, with its  accompanying chaos  and confusion across the Indian financial market and beyond, remedial measures are being devised and gleefully presented. By one e-commerce company at least. This is vitally necessary as the majority of e-commerce websites have either totally suspended their cash on delivery platforms which amounts to a very significant proportion of online purchases or limited it to below a certain tiny and almost unusable financial value.

Currently, Indian giant Snapdeal has announced a new payment option it grandly calls Wallet On Delivery that aims at alleviating the frustrating issues presently experienced by Indian online shoppers.  The premise and goal is a simple one: you utilize the Snapdeal owned Freecharge Wallet and pay for items only when they are delivered to you. Since no cash actually changes hands and you pay only on delivery, none of the inconveniences and annoyances of the present circumstance and all the previous benefits and advantages of the former arrangement are there to be deliciously enjoyed.  The service works automatically as you will simply receive a PIN to use on your FreeCharge app, and once you confirm it the money will be promptly deducted. The FreeCharge Wallet is also widely usable all over India for utilities payment, cab and metro rides, petrol payments, online recharges and so on. As well as on over 100,000 offline and online merchant websites.

Not to be outdone, bitter rival Paytm shortly after announced that it was currently hard at work also with its courier partners to enable its own version of Wallet on Delivery called “Paytm on Delivery” -aka POD.

The Wallet On Delivery option speedily offered by Snapdeal is a really big deal and presently matchless by its competitors. And will serve to further differentiate it and win it more customers who are presently either unable to source appropriate notes to pay for their POD or want to enjoy all their former freedom to shop as they like and pay as they like. Expect Snapdeal to sharply grow its customer base before its peers know just what hits them.


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