Lenovo To Henceforth Use the Moto Branding On All Future Phones

Recent reports now indicate that Lenovo will in the future brand all its smartphones with the ‘Moto’ mark, while its Laptops and PC products will thankfully retain their original naming convention. This comes in light of the Company’s recent mediocre financial reports, and indicates that it will no longer sell its usual self-branded phones. While previously the Moto brand and Lenovo devices had differentiating design objectives, design parameters, and design performance, this will no longer be the case in future as they will be forcibly molded together.

Smartphone sales for Lenovo, both for its eponymous offerings and the Moto M brand have reduced by a considerable $2 Billion year on year, which probably led to the drastic decision. However, the company claims a 20% increase from last quarter. The company CEO, Mr. Yang Yuanqing explained that the company’s focus is not on its smartphones and other hand-held devices, but rather on its Laptops and PC business which makes up 70% its revenues yearly. And that the name change is ultimately aimed at improving Lenovo’s performance in the positively bottomless Chinese mobile market, where it currently performs poorly compared to its overseas markets. When the naming ceremony does happen is unknown, but will probably be soon as soon as it rolls out brand new devices. Whether this will lead to more expensive, high-end offerings from the company are also unknown but likely.

And that’s not all, not by a long shot. Lenovo is also effectively restructuring and has replaced its current Co-President and the SVP of its mobile business Group, Xudong Chen with Gina Qiao, who was its previous  SVP of Human Resources. It has also been seriously hiring equally serious talents from the likes of Alcatel-Lucent, Intel, and even Microsoft. All with the noble aim of revolutionizing the company into a consumer-oriented one of the future that focuses on devises with artificial intelligence and cloud services. Bravo Lenovo.


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