Samsung Launched Android 7.0 Beta for its Galaxy S7 Flagship

Well, Samsung has been a right busy bee these past few days. After just announcing its AI capable and hopefully revolutionary new flagship due for early next year, it has just officially rolled out OS updates for its presently non-exploding, price-gouging phablet flagships. It’s just a Beta program at present though, but when it’s out, download it and see how your device like the new Nougat dish. The Beta update is also presently exclusively available to users in the US, UK and South Korea, its home base only. With almighty China joining the select club shortly. If you do have the phablet, don’t despair though cos official updates for it will soon be out, enabling you to boast that you really got the latest cutting-edge tech like a boss.

If you are in the countries I mentioned above and want to participate in the Beta program as a guinea pig, sign up using the Galaxy Beta Program from the Galaxy apps store. Or alternatively, the Samsung Members app from the Google Play store will do just fine. Applications are on a first-come and first-served basis only with a limited quota, so do hurry  up if you want to join. Beta program end date is also unknown at present, but will probably differ by country.

The Beta program will enable Samsung to test out its new UI and speedily iron out any bugs, glitches or issues reported with either its software or hardware. Also, according to Samsung, not all of it S7 flagships are eligible for the Beta program. The Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Edition and the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition are excluded. In the UK, the Beta program is only open to users who possess non-operator locked devices or who have an open market version.

Here’s to a hopefully chocolatey Nougaty Samsung Galaxy experience!


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