Audials Tunebite Platinum Review – An Insight

Audials is one of the leaders in the music streaming and download industries when it comes to interface and features, so I was hoping we could skip the introductory part?

Rather my purpose of scribbling this piece down is to introduce you to the closest siblings of Audials; that’s Audials Tunebite. Well, I’ve been an Audials fan for long, but only recently I was introduced to the “super-powers” of Audials Tunebite, and when I tried it out, the features were every bit worth sharing with you.

Well, I’d normally say this is a review article, but fortunately, it’s not exactly that. I will be reviewing Audials Tunebite of course, but I’m more than sure that if you’re on this page, you already are familiar with the reputation of Audials so that it will be more like a detailed insight into Audials Tunebite.

The primary feature which Audials Tunebite boasts of is its ability to download and record music and videos in the possible perfect quality, off paid, premium and encrypted sites like Netflix and Amazon, legally!

It’s no secret that Audials lets you stream movies and music from some of the best sources on the planet. Audials Tunebite is what makes this experience even better, by letting you record and download anything off the internet directly to your PC, no matter how protected or where from.

Video Recorder

Be it NetFlix, Hulu or anything else, the super-power of Audials Tunebite lies in letting you record videos off anywhere, even those paid sites yeah. And the twist? It’s totally legal!


All you’ve got to do is, select the source you want to download the video off and done! Yeah, that’s all you had to do. The quality, method and everything else are pre-configured to the best possible options already with Audials Tunebite.

Of course, it lets you chose the format you want to go with so you can have the best video format according to your device.

Automatic Recording of Complete Episodes:-

The new Autoplay feature with the Tunebite 2017 allows you to record complete episodes off Netflix and similar sites overnight. And the best part? It’s automatic!

The point here is, Netflix and Amazon kind of platforms are advanced enough not to use general streaming methods, they encrypt their video streams so that it can’t be downloaded and re-produced. That’s where Audials Tunebite will be your new best friend.

With Audials Tunebite you’ll be able to record videos in the original quality, the same quality you’d get on those platforms and in the same size of those videos. And yes I’m talking about those encrypted videos too.

Just put the series you want auto-recorded on the playlist and go to sleep, your command would be carried out on full automation.



It isn’t a “wow” feature, but it’s a feature! When you download couple videos, most of the time with other tools they get named like vid_0923122_3232132.

And then it’s a nightmare trying to figure out the right order of the episodes, movies or even their names!

So a simple solution to this problem you get with Audials Tunebite is, every video you download you get the video auto-tagged with the Title, Image, genre, etc. In short, every last bit of written detail possible about that video is auto-embedded in the video you download making your job easier.


Save Music Videos as MP3

It’s not always that you want a music video for it’s “video.” In fact, most of the times I don’t even watch the videos, my cell phone is in my pocket, it’s just the headphones which I use to listen to the songs.

So a better approach to this is you get to download and record just the MP3 if you choose to from sites instead of the whole video. It both saves your space on the system and your internet data.

Saving and Recording Music:-

I won’t debate the fact that there is quite some software which will record audio for you from Youtube and other general sites.

But how many of them can record music (and videos) off paid, premium and encrypted sites?

Auto-Record in Real Time

Well, this is what makes things easier. Manually you don’t have to do a lot with Audials Tunebite. All you’ve got to do is, whatever you normally do.

Meaning, Audials has this power to record everything you hear online. So whenever you play songs off sites like Spotify ™ or Deezer ™, Audials would automatically intercept the audio and record it as a mp3 for you for later use.


Did I mention you can not only record songs but even Audio-books with Audials Tunebite? Well, you can. Not to mention the auto-tagging feature which would make things easier for you.

So bottom line? If it’s playing on your system, it’s being recorded and tagged, all in the background, and automatically.

Double-Recording Speed:-

The new 2017 upgrade for Audials makes it possible for you to record audio off sites at double-speed. Now that  “would” generally result in a loss of audio quality, but not with Audials Tunebite.

That’s what makes it special, even though you get the music recorded at double speed, you get it in the best possible quality and the most suitable format according to your device.

Final Verdict:-

So if you ask me, I’d say this is what makes the whole “paid-media” industry more interesting. If you can record and save it on your systems for later use, I’d say it has more than just one benefits which are evident.

Now I know an article on the internet saying a tool is great? Seems fishy. Why don’t you go out yourselves and try Audials Tunebite Platinum right now?


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