Top 5 Best Apps for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch brought a new perspective into the market as far as wearable devices are concerned. The first Apple Watch didn’t truly offer much as the concept was still new. Now more developers have chime in with their input, and we are now seeing more being offered with the Apple Watch Series 2. There are many great apps for this fine device, and right now, we’ll look at some of the best apps for Apple Watch. Let’s begin.

#1. Calcbot

If you’re a user of the Apple watch, you’ll have noticed that a calculator was never part of the apps provided with the device. For those that have to crunch numbers constantly, then this the app for you.


  • User friendly
  • It has a history section for viewing previous calculations
  • It can be used as a scientific calculator

#2. Evernote

This note taking app is one of the best in the market. It’s a powerful app on the iPhone and a much better option than the Apple Note. This app is great for those that want to take notes on the go. The watch version allows you to read notes as well as take notes directly from your device.


  • View notes
  • The ability to set reminders and get notifications
  • Dictate new notes

#3. Google Maps

The approach taken by Google on the watch version of the app is quite interesting. They have taken a simplistic approach as you can use it for directions heading to two places only. The map can be used and set for Home and work. This approach makes it fit perfectly on the watch screen and makes it functional and useful. It’s important to note that you should have set these two places previously on Google Maps for it to work on your watch.


  • User-friendly and minimalistic interface
  • It’s functional
  • Gives ETA and traffic updates

#4. Instagram

Social media is always very important especially for many of the millennials. Instagram app allows you to keep up with your feed. You can get to like photos and leave comments as well, although the comments are only limited to emoji for now. You also get notifications on your wrist, so you’ll always be up to date on the feedback you get from what you post.


  • Notifications on your post
  • View your feed
  • Like and comment on photos
Price: Free

#5. iTranslate

This app is very interesting. The app allows you to learn a new language or at the very least translate words to the language you need. It’s how it does this that’s very interesting. All you need to is speak a sentence, and it will quickly convert it into another language. It’s a great option for those that are abroad and need a quick translation or just how to say something in another language other than English.


  • Over 90 languages available
  • You can get to choose between male and female voices for translation
  • There are many dialects for you to choose from

The Apple Watch is a great wearable device in itself, but we believe that these apps make them better. What do you think are apps good for the Apple watch or is it good in itself?


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