Android Nougat’s Night Mode Might Soon Return To Nexus Devices

Seems that Google has a big and googly listening ear after all, while looking fixedly at the curvy bottom line at the same time. And endearingly takes account of users preferences and wishes in the software it regularly pushes out like a hen laying eggs and in its branded devices.

Nexus users have even more reason to crack a wide smile and walk like they own the world all by themselves after Google promised the return of the Night Mode feature it had earlier surreptitiously removed when they upgraded to the Android 7.1 Nougat version.

The Night mode feature seamlessly and smartly adjusts the screen of smartphones according to how bright or dark where you are is, and can be set to turn on automatically as soon as the sun goes down. Therefore, considerately ensuring that your screen doesn’t turn into a giant flashlight that can blind you or give you visions of aliens when you turn it on in a dark room. And additionally, filters blue light from the display that magically tricks your body into thinking it’s still daylight deep in the dark night. It works essentially similarly to Apple’s Night Gown, sorry Night Shift and was earlier removed because according to Google it was not ready for release on its new OS, and it did not care to push out and get blamed for half-baked software. While apps aplenty exist for this same task, the system integration and extreme performance of Google’s Night Mode made and still make it peerlessly sought after.

With the removal of the nifty feature, Nexus users relentlessly campaigned for its return. So, Google has recently revealed that the feature is due for an unspecified future release, probably for when the Android 7.1 Nougat update rolls out of the factory lusciously spanking new. Or even longer if Google decides to add some other far-out features to its Nougatty update.
Way to go Google!


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