New Sony Update To Address The Xperia X Performance Problems

Sony‘s ultra pricey flagship has been in a rather pretty piece of pickle. Apart from costing an arm, a quarter of a leg and nearly one-third of your spleen, it quickly appeared to fall short of what Sony promised us to be a brave new Xperia world. And some were left ruing the experience.

One of its biggest present issues has been an accelerometer problem that fails to properly orient the Sony work of art in the desired direction. This sensor would occasionally on its own arrogantly decide to stop working and call it a day, rather like a poorly paid and fed laborer. Thereby leaving you stranded on an uncomfortable rock and wondering how far out you could throw the smartphone into the nearest ocean after tying a heavy piece of chain all around it. Previously, this properly knotty issue could be temporarily fixed only by manually restarting the device.

To more properly and hopefully totally fix the stubbornly persistent issue, Sony a couple of weeks ago successfully tried to replicate the problem and decide what exactly to do about it. It has finally decided that an OTA update is just the magic bullet that the phone needs to be a rather well-behaved guy once more and will roll it out pretty soon to its Sony Xperia Performance users. Not to worry, the magic update will be coming to both single as well as dual sim variants of the device. The update will hopefully be available rather soon, so if you feel fed up and want to donate your pricey Sony device to the nearest Salvation Army branch, kindly don’t.

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For putting up with your device through its troublesome teenage phase, methinks Sony should reward you with a mom/dad of the year package. If they don’t, well the Apple has always tasted particularly good this last few years!


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