Top 5 Tricks And Tips For Google Daydream View

Google Daydream is a definite pipe-smoking, dreamy fantasy comes brilliantly and nerve-jangly alive. You just slip it on and get speedily transported to Neverland where the good times never seem to stop. But wanna wring the most rad times out of that your shiny new gizmo? Well, read on and learn how.

#1. Headphones

These are a must-have accessory and enable you to really immerse yourself as deep as it gets in all the action endlessly scrolling past your face. A good pair of headphones additionally helps mute out unwanted noise, particularly if you are in or near a noisy place, perhaps your roommate deciding to find out how far to turn on the stereo without driving anyone crazy. Another tip would be to get a wireless headphone. This is because their wired brethren have an unfortunate habit of tangling in your controls in the thick of the action. You wouldn’t want to mess things up by such an amateur move, would you? Get the headphones, wireless ones if possible and see and hear what the future sounds like.

#2. Charge the Controller

You just got a device that promises you sights and sounds your parents would have renounced as pure witchcraft mere decades ago. So, you can be forgiven -nearly- for failing to give it a full charge and rather plugging it in straight away to play your way through the universe. Bad move buddy, really bad move. If not properly charged before use, the controller quickly runs into connectivity problems that will turn your scheduled fun time into a horror show of frustration and anger. Google in their well-deserved wisdom suggests that you charge the controller for at least 2 hours. This will enable you to use it for up to 12 hours or juice it for all day standby duty.

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#3. Sit Down

Though it can be used in nearly every conceivable range of motion, we kindly suggest sitting firmly down when wearing such advanced gizmo on your tender head. No, not that it might zap it,  but that it’s all too easy to lose track of where you are exactly and try jumping an abyss only you can see straight into the wall of your room. Or even worse. As for the sitting part, any comfortable, supported, ass-caressing furniture will adequately do. But we suggest a 360-degree rotatable office chair that allows you to enjoy the entire and i mean entire range of vision, control and movement.

#4. Welcome the Darkness

Your headset was designed to be massively immersive. So immersive that you will be unable to notice even if a comet landed in your kitchen and turned on the coffee pot. It’s designed to work wherever you might be, but it does work best in complete, zero-gee grade darkness. While it might block out available light, there are still gaps where light might seep through. Thereby ruining your awesome experience. For the best , it’s always advisable to ensure that the room you are in is dark, comfortable and secure, to avoid your getting robbed blind here and now while you are out playing in the VR universe.

#5. Motion Sickness

On first taste, VR tends to be disorienting and leavened with motion sickness,  which affects everyone to varying degrees. Ensure you take it easy at first, and give your body time to properly adjust before delving into the heavy-duty action games you have been greedily eying all summer. Either that or keep a vomit bucket handy and nearby.

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