Windows 10 Tips and Tricks – Infographic

Windows 10 is the latest warrior in the Microsoft OS lineup which had many courses in the early days but have fixed most of them to be a complete follower of the amazing Windows 7 and great Windows 8. But to be honest, Microsoft took some huge changes in the Windows 10 which they claim will be extremely beneficial for the users, but actually the beginners got stuck. The functions like Cortana is completely new to the regular windows users but is extremely useful as Microsoft stated.

To get ease while using them, it is necessary to know more about the Windows 10 and how to use it. For this, we found a nice infographic created by the Easeus team to help the beginners know the Tip and Tricks in Windows 10. Here is the infographic for you that shows most of the new functionalities in Windows 10 alongside how to use them effectively.


As you can see, they mentioned some of the improvements in Windows 10 and what they mean for the users. You can also find the problems and benefits of upgrading to the Windows 10 from your current OS. The hidden features are beneficial to add extra functionality to the OS. So, it is a good infographic for a first look at the Windows 10.

This was taken from with their permission to use it. We hope, this helped you to get a better idea of your OS.


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