What is the Easiest and Safest Way to Buy Rugby Union Tickets Online?

The obvious easiest and safest way for you to buy rugby tickets is to go to the official website for the event and buy it there. However, that might not be an option. They might be sold out, or maybe you think you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere. Well, before you dish out your credit card information here’s some information to help you and your money stay safe:

How to avoid scams

There are a lot of things that are quite easy to spot, and you can find out pretty quickly whether or not your ticket you’re trying to buy is legitimate. A lot of official ticket selling websites now implement a maximum amount of tickets one person can buy. The maximum is normally five per person or less, and this is to prevent people buying tickets in bulk and then trying to sell them off at higher prices. Fake ticket selling websites often wouldn’t give you a maximum limit of tickets because their goal is just to sell as many tickets as they can. So, if the website you’re buying your tickets from has a maximum amount you’re allowed to buy then it’s more likely not to be a scam.

If you’re trying to buy tickets off of auctioning or second-hand websites, then they are almost definitely a scam. This is how a lot of scammers easily lure people into buying tickets that don’t exist. They might show the interested buyers a picture of the ticket and offer to sell it for either a ludicrously high or a ludicrously low price (in the case of a ticket being sold very cheaply there are often hidden costs involved. For example, the ticket might be priced at £5, but the postage and packaging might cost £1000). This is why you should always buy your tickets from an official website and avoid people that are selling them second hand.

Alternative ticket outlets

There are a good amount of official ticket outlets where you can buy your rugby. Seatwave, GetMeIn, StubHub, and Viagogo are the main four, but there are others out there, as well as a lot of fake outlets. One of the easiest ways to spot which websites are fake is to explore which tickets are available. It might seem strange that there is only one ticket left in the entire stadium and it’s on the front row: that’s because it is strangely and deserves your suspicion. If you’re not really sure, you can check out some of the Rugby Union official sites. They normal publish the list of official outlets there, and if the one you’re looking at isn’t on the list, you should best avoid it.

Hospitality packages

There are a lot of hospitality sites that sell official rugby tickets and also include additional features. Some rugby hospitality packages include access to VIP areas, stays at five-star hotels, evening dinners, and more things to improve your experience of the match. There are a lot of these sorts of websites out there, so before you jump onto a great deal, you should do some research to see whether or not they are officially affiliated with the rugby union. A lot of scam hospitality websites may charge you extortionate amounts for illegally bought tickets, so always be careful and shop around for the best deals.

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