Bluboo Planning To Make More Curved Edge Budget Smartphones

Bluboo has opened the pre-sale of Bluboo Edge recently. We have also covered the pre-sale news and the promo videos released by Bluboo. Some rumors suggests that Bluboo planning to release more curvy edge display smartphones, after received the successful opening for the Bluboo Edge with dual curvy design.

The curvy edge design is making the smartphone crazy in the recent times. It is all started with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Until past few months, only Samsung used that design. But now all the smartphone brands realized the smartphones designs are yet to be explored. The edge display becomes a global trend now.

Recently, we have seen Huawei Mate 9 Porsche and Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Other top brands like LG, HTC, Oppo and Meizu are also cooking their own curvy Edge display models. Soon, we can see more in the list. Users are also expressing more positive reviews about the edge displays so far.

Coming to Bluboo, they are well known in the budget smartphone area of the market. When they picked the curvy edge design, many thought that they would hike the price. But, they quote a budget price for their first dual curvy Edge Smartphone.


And now Bluboo is planning on more curvy edge designs. We can expect they would line up under the affordable price tag list rather than going for premium price range.

One more information is the Bluboo Edge Smartphone is still available in Pre-sale price. You can check the details here.

The Pre-sale ends on November 24. The quick specs of Bluboo Edge – 5.5-inch OGS HD display, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, MT6737 Quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 13MP Sony Camera, and 8MP front side camera.

Check out the official Bluboo Edge Promotional videos here-

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