Organisation Apps to Help Balance Your Business and Personal Life

We get it; modern day life is stressful. What, between the demands of work, family, friends, and a little personal time as well, it’s not always easy to relax at the end of the day. But what if your phone could help you out? No, we’re serious. More and more organization apps are being released, and not just for keeping your to-do list in order either. If you think your life is stressful, then you might want to download a few of these apps to help simplify things. From keeping track of your stuff to shopping, here are the apps you need.

Serial Plus

Let’s start out with an app that you probably have never even considered, Serial Plus. What does it do? It’s pretty simple. Serial Plus keeps track of the serial numbers and even descriptions of your electronics, furniture, and appliances. Oh, and you can add in all the warranty info and any other little notes you want to make as well. Why do you need it? Just in case the worst happens. Should something like your phone be lost or stolen, or should disaster strike your home, you’ll be glad that you took the few seconds to note down all this important information? Trust us, you might not think you need this, but having it will give you peace of mind just in case you ever do need it.


We like Hub because it’s like having a mum on your phone. The idea of a hub is that it will organize everything in your household, whether that’s your family or your housemates. You share the app with everyone in your home, and together you’ll have a coordinated calendar, task list, shopping list, and even notes. Need to make sure your roomie remembers to do the dishes? Want to know that your wife can pick up the kid from footie? Hub does it all, and all in one place too. It certainly beats the old note on the fridge technique, and best of all it’s free for both Android and iOS.


Finances are certainly a source of stress for most of us, so we’ve got a couple of financial apps to help you out. The first of these is Tab, and it’s incredibly simple. Take a picture of a bill from say, a restaurant, and let Tab analyze it. Then check off the items you had, and you’ll get your total, then pass the app along to the next person at your table and so on. You’ll never argue about splitting the bill again, and you won’t be trying to do maths after a bottle of wine (always a recipe for disaster). So keep your friendships sweet with Tab.


It would be remiss of us to talk about the financial organization without mentioning Mint, by far the best way of organizing your money. Mint lets you do everything, from keeping an eye on account balances to setting up a budget. It will remind you when bills are due, and let you set limits for spending in different areas (as well as sending you an alarm when you’re getting close to your limit), and you can connect all your bank accounts and credit and debit cards to the app so you can keep an eye on everything. There is no easier way to be financially organized than by using Mint,  so check it out now!


Yes, you probably already have Google Maps, but CityMapper is a must have app for anyone that regularly needs to travel around a given area. Simply put in your destination, and CityMapper tells you everything, from which public transport routes of taking (including which train carriage is preferable), to how much an Uber should cost, and everything in between (like bad traffic, roadworks, and delays). Don’t stress about your commute, let CityMapper organize it instead and you’ll always be on time.

Shelf Scouter

One room that we haven’t organized yet is the kitchen, so why not grab Shelf Scouter to do that for you? It’s inventory for your kitchen; it keeps track of what you use, alerts you when you’re running low on staples, creates shopping lists for you, and tons of other stuff. You can even share ingredient lists and recipes through the app (and see suggestions from others) based on what’s in your inventory. We’re not big on cooking fancy dinners, but we’ve got to admit that Shelf Scouter makes dealing with food way easier…


Are you a bit of a fashionista? Then you’re going to love Pureple. All it does is organize your wardrobe for you. You take a picture of each piece, and then Pureple does the rest, letting you put together different outfits to see how they look and even letting you share them with friends. So if you don’t want to spend hours rooting through your cupboards for something to wear, we suggest Pureple do the work for you instead.


Got kids? Then you need Choremonster. This handy little app incentivises household tasks for kids, meaning they do the work, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is put chores into a list and assign points for each task, then define rewards for getting a certain number of points (sweets, trips, TV time, whatever you like). Kids then earn their rewards by collecting points for doing chores. Simple, right? And very, very effective too…


Last, but not least, we all know that moving house is very stressful indeed, so why not let Sortly help you out? In essence, this is an inventory app, letting you keep track of everything you have, but it also lets you know where anything is at a given time (Which box? New house or old house? Still in the moving truck?). Plus it does all kinds of other cool stuff, like letting you add QR codes to boxes (so you’ll know what’s inside), and even letting you take video so you can film a room and set it up in the same way when you get to your new home. Moving will still be stressful, that’s unavoidable, but at least Sortly will take some of the work out of your hands.

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