Bluboo Edge OGS Display compared with iPhone 7 Plus

Bluboo releasing new information every day about Bluboo Edge. Today they released a comparison video which talks about the performance of OGS display of Bluboo Edge against iPhone 7 Plus.

Bluboo Edge is the new release of Bluboo which is currently under pre-sale period. It received attention in the market after its dual curvy edge design, which remembers the infamous Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Bluboo also compared their Edge smartphone with the Samsung’s premium model. Not only that, Bluboo did lot of test and comparison in the past few days.

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When coming to the display performance, they picked iPhone 7 Plus as their rivalry to compare the display. Bluboo Edge has a 5.5-inch screen with OGS display. The OGS technology is said to be good for higher transparency and light weight display.

To add more spice into the display quality, Bluboo added a dual-layer touch panel. It brings good user experience. The response for the touch would be great with this dual-layer touch panel. It is stable and accurate, as it has very less chance for non-responsive.

It also enhanced with five-point multi touch. It is good for gaming. Many apps are also needs more than two-point touch to work. Having these features, the Bluboo Edge’s display compared with iPhone 7 Plus. You can check the video below.


Bluboo Edge almost give tough competition to the iPhone 7 Plus in Display performance. You can find more on this video.

If you want to check more detail on Bluboo Edge, you can check in the below link.

It is currently under pre-sale period. The pre-sale price is $129.99 and the original price is $139.99. There is also giveaway offer available. You can check those details from the above link.

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