Bluboo Edge Survives During Violent Test on its Back Cover

Bluboo Edge is currently under the pre-sale, which got lot of attention after its awesome dual curvy Edge design. The price of this attractive designed smartphone is also low, which adds more followers to this new model.

Recently, we have posted some of the test and comparison videos of Bluboo Edge. Bluboo is not yet finished with those type of test videos. Now, they have released two videos. First one is a test video. This time they chose the back cover of Bluboo Edge. They tortured it and gives the results. You can see it in the video below –

They twisted the back cover to the maximum. The endurance level of the back cover is awesome. It survived the test. If you don’t know, the back cover of Bluboo Edge is made of endurable plastic with flexibility. We have seen highly endurable back covers in the past. But it is very rare to see such quality in a cheap and budget smartphone.

In the second video, they compared Bluboo Edge with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It may be odd to compare a budget smartphone with a high end premium smartphone. But, it is the way the budget smartphone makers chose to express the value of their product. It is also useful for the buyers to find some information on what they going to buy. Check the comparison video here.

Bluboo Edge uses IML electroplating technology in the back cover, which adds more glowing brightness in the sunlight. You can check it out in the above video. Bluboo said this back cover has anti-scratch and anti-corrosion advantage.

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              Bluboo Edge supports 256GB memory expansion via microSD card

Finally, if you like to check out this new smartphone, Bluboo Edge, you can visit the link below

Currently, it is under pre-sale. The pre-sale price is $129.99 only. The original price is $139.99, which will come to replace the pre-sale price from November 24.

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