Bluboo Sold 30,000 pieces of Bluboo Edge in the First Week of Presale

Bluboo started the presale of its Edge devices recently, on November 10th. Now, the latest news from the company states that the presale was a huge success and it counted to 30+ thousand devices which sold in the first week itself. While the world is behind the exploded Samsung devices and the affected curvy smartphones, this Bluboo curve still doesn’t get a hit on the market. If the company true their words, it is nothing less than a huge success for the Bluboo Edge that took down many big-head competitors on the field.

In the journey to the huge popularity, of course, the attractive $129.99 presale pricing tag helped to a great extent. Bluboo devices typically come with an affordable price tag, and this was also no different from others. Bluboo fanboys bought this medium range smartphone for a comparatively cheaper rate as usual. As mentioned many times earlier, the dual curved design, powerful quad-core CPU, 13.0 MP SONY main camera, front fingerprint reader, 256GB microSD expansion, and a unique rear heart rate monitor, are all helped in the success of this 5.5-inch OGS display device.

It is the stats of just the first-week sale, and  the presale is still on its track. The official retail price is not yet exhibited on the sales page, and the price is still set at $159.99. So, you still have a chance to avail the smartphone for a better price. In addition, there is also a giveaway for free Edge devices. As announced earlier, the presale will last until November 24th without any order limitations, and you can find all the details in here. So, be ready to grab the Edge before its too late.

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