Top 5 Best Rovio Apps

Rovio has become a household name when it comes to mobile games. This is probably due to one of the best apps that they have published. We are talking about none other than Angry Birds. Angry birds in itself is a franchise, with toys, spin-off games and most recently a movie. Rovio has published some other apps as well. Here are some of their best apps or popularly the best Rovio apps.

#1. Angry Birds

We can’t get this list started without mentioning their most successful game and that’s Angry birds. The mobile game has led to a franchise being built around it with several other games being made, toys and even a movie. The game that basically involves propelling birds (some with special features) to a stack of pigs has proven to be very popular among many.


  • Plenty of power-ups and boosters for you to use’
  • Go back to basics and enjoy the game that built the franchise
  • Many challenging levels that’ll keep you hooked to the game
Price: Free+

#2. Bad Piggies

Here’s another spin-off game from the Angry birds franchise. This game gives you a different perspective as you get to play the part of the pigs. You’re now helping them to try steal the eggs. The aim is to build the perfect flying machine that can steer them safely to their destination. It’s refreshing as a game as it uses the same concept, but somehow still feels different.


  • Tons of levels and secret levels for you to enjoy
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Challenging sandbox levels
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Price: Free+

#3. Angry Birds; Star Wars

This is the latest installment in their long line of angry bird games. Despite the game being new compared to the others, it’s one of the greatest games to be released by the company. This game retains the normal flair that the angry bird games are known for and added a bit of Star Wars magic into the mix. All of this combined makes for an amazing in-game experience.


  • Tons of levels for you to enjoy
  • The ability to level up your birds and improve their skills
  • Hidden goodies in the game for you to enjoy
Price: Free+

#4. Battle Bay

Rovio has only been known for Angry birds, but with this game they are taking a different step from the usual. This is the first real-time PvP multiplayer game that the company has released. The game involves taking part in 5on 5 battles in open sea. It has other interactive features packed inside as well, but sadly the game is only available in select regions.


  • It offers real-time PvP
  • You can join a guild and aim for the top of the leaderboard
  • You can train your crew and increase their stats to make them better

Visit site

#5. Plunder Pirates

Here’s another game by Rovio that takes a different approach. The game has you playing a pirate that’s trying to take over the seven seas. You’ll be tasked with doing this by developing your island stronghold and plundering other player’s islands among many other things.

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  • You can strengthen your Island stronghold and build it so that it’s impenetrable.
  • 3D graphics so that you can see your Island in every angle
  • Vast lands for you to explore
The app was not found in the store. 🙁 #wpappbox

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Rovio is especially known for the Angry Birds franchise, which although I think is being milked to the very end is still a great game. Which game by Rovio do you like the most?


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