Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphone Review

The Beats Solo3 is an extraordinarily well put together reinvention of the Beats Solo2, boasting dramatically improved specs all over the board. It’s quite pricey, though, but then good things have never come cheap, at least not in my lifetime!

Beats Solo3 Introduction

Side by side, you would be hard pressed to tell the new Beats Solo3 wireless headphone from its predecessor. But before you storm off, wildly threatening to sue Beats for renaming/repackaging old headphones and passing them off as new, kindly hold on a cotton-picking minute pardner so that I can properly explain. Beats undoubtedly thought its previous design was already good enough -and it really is- so why spoil a particularly good thing? They wisely rather prioritized the redesign, improvement, and reworking of the innards to deliver premium sound for your equally premium ear nerves.


Beats Solo3 Design

Inside, the truly revolutionary and brand-new Apple W1 custom Bluetooth chip proudly stays in opulent residence and makes pairing the headphone with any Bluetooth device -but Apple devices especially- as easy as licking chocolate ice cream. The W1 chip by being ultra low energy consuming additionally and drastically improves battery life to a gargantuan and absolutely ear-orgasmic 40 hours minimum. Which is incidentally the best bar none of any other Bluetooth wireless headphone currently in the market, and about as long as am tall. Beat’s Fast Fuel feature also helps recharge the device when you are in a hurry. With an incredible 5 minutes of charging giving you around 3 hours of battery life, and the charging being conveniently done via a micro-USB cable. With the Apple W1 custom chip running the big show, the range is additionally extended from the usual  30 feet for Bluetooth devices to 125 feet or so. A round of applause and a bow for the Apple W1 chip folks. Your lives -and ears- are definitely never gonna be the same again.

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Sound Performance

The connection is easy, and connected performance pretty rock-solid, with dropped connections occurring once in a blue moon. The sound is premium as expected, but like other Beats devices leans somewhat on the bass horn, courtesy of the same bass driver as the Beats Solo2. Making for a booming, ear-thumping, body-shaking audio experience, but not extraordinarily so. The Beats Solo3 wireless headphone fits over the ears snugly, securely and comfortably and can even be worn while jogging, with much of the ambient noise being filtered out so you can enjoy your communion with the music gods in peace. It’s also foldable for compactness and perfect for lugging around. The left earcup sports the necessary pause, volume, and track-skipping buttons when you need them.

Making or answering calls with the device is a total breeze, with call/sound quality being good enough, matte but somewhat inferior to others in its price range. Colors are MatteBlack and Silver, with extra color customization options available depending on how much you want to stand out further from the yapping pack.


Price is $300 which is a Lil’ hefty, but worth every red cent of it in our opinion. Not really a fan of Beats, but this time they delivered a premium product with all the pieces perfectly synchronized and working exactly -or nearly- as they should. While you might get cheaper competitors, none will have the class, style or appeal of the Beats Solo3.

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Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphone Review
9.3 Overall
Sound Quality9.5
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