Bluboo Says, The Bluboo Edge’s Battery could be Destroyed but will not Get Exploded

It’s not been long since the Samsung Note 7’s battery scandal shaken off the smartphone giants. Since then, the smartphone manufacturers taking extreme care in producing good quality smartphones especially with good batteries that never get exploded. There is numerous news regarding the battery explosion of the Samsung flagship. Even it caused third-degree burns to some customers. So, no wonder in this good decision taken by many brands across the globe. And following this, the Chinese brand Bluboo also seems to be producing good batteries for their Bluboo Edge devices.

As per the company, the  Li-Polymer battery with a decent capacity of 2600mAh will never get exploded and will not cause any damages to the customers. It comes with improved electric stability while charging and discharging. In addition, there are many other security measures taken by the company to protect users from getting burns. To prove this, they released yet another video where they test the device battery to the extreme.

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The video consists of the tests like the flame projectile test, short-circuit test, and impact test. In some extreme tests, the battery gets damaged but never exploded surprisingly. Thanks for the  Li-polymer technology used the battery. The Li-polymer batteries are much safer than the normal Li-ion battery which was there on the Samsung device. Here is the video showing the testing process.

If the company true their words from the video, it is a good idea to grab the device. The Edge is currently available in a presale, and you can find all the information including detailed specs and pricing in from our recent Bluboo articles.



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