Logitech M171 Review

The Logitech M171 offers reliability, portability, user-customization and convenience in an affordable, colorful and surprisingly long-term use package.

Love you some computer time but don’t particularly like trackpads or it’s wired, hairy, mousy alternatives that seem to take unbounded delight in tying you up in knots, particularly at inconvenient moments? Yet to join the wireless revolution and get back to the never-ending task of changing the society and saving the perennially ungrateful world and its miserable inhabitants? Want to de-clutter your office desk and eliminate those its far too many booby traps and trip wires for better productivity and peace of mind? Well, it’s easier now all thanks to Logitech, and you won’t even have to bust a gut or get ulcers paying for it. Apart from it looking stylish enough to inspire  Da Vinci himself!

According to Logitech itself, they designed the M171 wireless by taking into full cognizance their rank and prestige as the world-leading creator of computer mice, tails and other hairy accessories at all price points. So, the M171 was designed, conceived and executed with people who do want to switch over to a wireless mouse because of its dependability, long-lasting battery life and affordability in mind. But who don’t either want to pay through the nose for the exotic privilege, or want a uniquely customizable tool all their very own to do a jig with. A rather tall proposition of course. But Logitech proved up to the particularly mousy task.

The design is futuristic and minimalist, promising an easy yet sure grip. Just don’t expect it to sport a death ray or teleportation node, though. The Logitech M171 Wireless comes sporting a 2.5GHZ wireless connectivity with a range of up to 10 meters like a jewel-encrusted trophy. Bluetooth connection, when established, was always dependable and unbreakable even at maximum range. The mouse is versatile as they come and futuristically ambidextrous, with either the left or right buttons reversible and switchable as desired. Installation is hassle-free and totally idiot-proof with no pairing or software installation and download whatsoever required. You just remove the wireless receiver from its slot on the bottom of the mouse and then plug it into your computer’s USB slot, and you are good to conquer the galaxy all by your sweet, nosy self. Talking of variety, you can additionally rock the Logitech M171 no matter your system, from Windows 7 to 10, and MAC OS X 10.8 to Chrome OSTM.

Available colors are all the colors of the rainbow, or nearly with blue, grey, and red present for you to play and tweak noses with. While battery juice lasts up to a year from a single onboard AA battery.

Price is Rs.895 and a rather grand steal. With its premier and seemingly effortless combinations of portability, usability, multi-OS support and performance, the Logitech M171 Wireless is currently hard to beat and definitely comes heavily recommended to all manner of users. From newbies to computer geeks and all that’s in-between, you can easily find something to love -and keep loving-  about it.

Logitech M171 Review
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