Review – A Perfect Cloud Based Password Manager

How many E-mail accounts do you have? Me personally? I’ve got atleast 20-25 active accounts combining social networks, E-mail accounts, blogs, company accounts, and so on.

So do take my word for it when I say I understand the hardships of Password management (changing them on schedule, passing them on to employees, password reset terms) and things of that sort.

So that’s why I’m scribbling this “Passwork” review down right now. It’s the only tool I’ve ever come across which was as simple as this and still solved my password storage and management complexities.(Nope, don’t take my word for it, I’ll walk you through a detailed review!)

What is Passwork?

In the simplest terms, all I can say is you can take it to be your “cloud password storage”.  Or maybe your “Google drive” for passwords. (just a lot more secure, elaborate and made specifically for passwords!)

Let’s have a look at what Password actually offers:-

Allows Adding Groups

I’ve been focusing on the “extremely easy to use” part a lot, right? Let me walk my talk, once you signup, you get clear options and buttons guiding you through the tool.

The first screen you’ll be getting is self-descriptive, so the first thing I’ll do is “Add groups”.


Groups are exactly what the literal meaning of the word describes, just groups. Let’s say I’ve 10 social media accounts, so I made a social media group which will host all my social media passwords.

Adding Passwords

Simply clicking on the “Add password” button at the center of the screen would let me add a new password to my group. (Yeah it’s that easy!)


Now as you can see, the password form is pretty detailed. Anyone with whom you choose to share this form, won’t have any problem gaining access to any platform you want them to.

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In case you haven’t noticed, it also lets you add your own “fields” to this form, so if there’s some kind of two-factor authentication or something, you can add that in a customized field as well.

Different Access Levels

Of course, you can invite your employees and others to join your group over at Password so that they can access the passwords and login data.

But even then, they don’t get unrestricted access! There are three primary user levels you get with Password:-

Administrator:- Basically it’s you, you can do anything you want with the group of the passwords. (Of course you can make others admin as well!)

Write :- This is like your Vice-president. He can interact with the form, the only thing this level doesn’t allow is managing or adding new users.

Read-only:- The users with Read-only access can of course, only read the passwords. They can’t interact, change, or invite users.

Client Security

Top-Notch Security

So okay the first thing I asked myself about Password is, why would I store all my passwords on a third-party server! Anyone could access it, right?

Seems I was wrong.

While signing up you’re asked for a “Security phrase” kinda thing. Something that only you know, it’s the master password which will allow you the “admin” level access to your account.

Now the twist is that this “master key” (security word) isn’t stored on Passwork’s server.


So no they can’t access it, or change it. So your data is encrypted and can be decrypted only and only by you.

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Encryption Key Stored on Client’s Platform

The data you store on the server isn’t like storing a picture or a movie file of course, it’s encrypted so that it can’t be interpreted by third-parties.

Now every encryption has a key which is used to decrypt the info. This is where it gets interesting.Passwork just “stores” your data, not the encryption key. So the internet never knows the key to decrypting the info.

Passwork just “stores” your data, not the encryption key. So the internet never knows the key to decrypting the info.

Instead, it’s stored on your browser, on your side and not online.

Final Verdict

So well bottom line? If you’ve got dozens of passwords and you their safety and organization, Passwork is the thing to go by.

And with the kind of pricing they have, I see exactly 0 reasons for you to doubt this even for a second! Yeah, their lowest plans start at 0.75$/month/user!


I’d say this is cheaper than the free oxygen I breathe!

Well, either way, do let me know your decisions in the comment box.  In fact, you should at least give it a try, they have a free trial period as well so all you’ve got to do is signup with them! Review – A Perfect Cloud Based Password Manager
7.5 Reviewer
Value for Money7


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