Bluboo Edge Fingerprint unlock speed compared with iPhone 7 Plus

Bluboo Edge has been in the news for the past few weeks. It has already got the attention of the Chinese market with the brilliant Edge design. The dual curvy edge design is the catching trend now. We are able to see many budget smartphone makers concentrating on the Edge design. In this phone, along with the curvy edge design, there is also a shiny Lumia wave effect back cover.

Bluboo teased us with various information. Few hours back, a video was released by Bluboo which compares the Fingerprint unlock speed of Bluboo Edge with iPhone 7 Plus.

Bluboo tried to prove the unlock speed of Bluboo Edge is quicker than iPhone 7 Plus. You can check the comparison video below.

The fingerprint scanner is located on the front side in Bluboo Edge. As per the tests by Bluboo, it unlocks at the speed of 0.1 second. In the above video, the unlocking speed of both iPhone 7 Plus and Bluboo Edge. As per the test, Bluboo Edge is unlocking the device faster than iPhone 7 Plus using the fingerprint scanner.

What makes the Bluboo Edge better than iPhone 7 Plus in unlocking?

Bluboo Edge supports off-screen unlocking. It enables the user to unlock the phone without any need to switch on the screen. In iPhone 7 Plus, the user have to click the home button to switch on the screen before he uses the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone.

The new Bluboo Edge features a dual curvy edge design, Lumia wave effect back cover, 13MP Sony camera in the rear, 8MP front camera, Quad-core processor, 256GB expandable storage and many more.

Bluboo Edge is really interesting because of the attractive design. Bluboo also released many information about Bluboo in the past weeks.

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