Bluboo Edge Antutu Score, Multitasking Performance and Comparison Video released

Bluboo Edge has been released a few weeks ago. The dual curvy design of the smartphone got attention after it tagged a budget price to it. After the release in the market, recently the Antutu performance score and multitasking performance video released. It may help the people who are thinking to have Bluboo Edge. There is also a short comparison footage included in the video. In which, the Bluboo Edge was compared with iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Huawei P9.

First we take a look at the Antutu score. Bluboo Edge managed to score 28,689 in Antutu tests. This is decent level for a budget smartphone. For handling the phone day-to-day for apps, games and media, this is good enough.

Next it comes the 2GB DDR3 RAM. For many users, 2GB RAM is enough for all the functions they use every day in smartphone. Only few users’ needs more RAM for playing powerful games and watching 4K videos and for handling other high graphical content. In the test video by Bluboo, they opened so many apps and games at the same time. Bluboo Edge’s 2GB RAM handled it with no pressure.

Finally, the performance of Bluboo Edge is good and you can check that in the video. Though the tests were not detailed, the quick opening and closing of apps and games in equal to the performance of iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Huawei P9 proves it don’t have any issue in the performance.

Bluboo Edge is only a mid-level smartphone with standard mid-range configuration components. But the design and balanced performance make it good for the budget price. You can check the video below

You can find more information about Bluboo Edge in the Official website of Bluboo here –


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