Top Home Kit Automation Apps for iPhone

The Wi-Fi Actuator Control App is revolutionary. The new improvements elevate its appeal to the clients. Unlike before, it also avoids the necessity of having many add-ons which were previously a turn-off. Its features also add on to the excitement of its release, particularly being compatible with all progressive automation or other linear actuator brands will unquestionably steal the hearts of the customers.

Linear Actuators Role in Home Automation

Innovations in technology continue to change the world, and there have been talks of human labor replacement with robots. Micro Linear actuators (see more at progressiveautomationscom/micro-linear-actuator) are currently being used in RC controllers, and their combination is revolutionary. A few years ago, home automation was just an idea and while the thought of it excited many, few were motivated to get to work. Linear actuators have helped people fit more furniture in their rooms than their rooms can handle (for example, the use of table extenders), automate furniture reclining which was initially manual, automation of entertainment system cabinets, etc. The role of linear actuators has not only made things easier for people, but also overly efficient.

Apple is making huge strides in home automation, and with the release of Apple Home Kit, expectations have raised a notch higher. Compatibility with its new releases has also improved, and the latest addition is the Apple Watch which can also be used to explore the Apple Home Kit. Currently, most of the home automation devices and apps are only accessible to a few people but the excitement of the thought of using them one day supersedes the time it will take to wait for their official release. Below are some of the most interesting home automation apps:

Home Remote

Bouncing Ball Games developed the Home Remote app. The most interesting thing about this app is the fact that it allows one to connect to other apps hence making it easier to control the smart home devices. One can also create buttons that are specific in functionality, and for easier access, one can add all of them to their Toda page. As already stated, Apple is expanding its product’s compatibility, and recently they integrated the Home Remote app with the Apple Watch.

Home Remote
Price: $1.99

Insteon for Hub – Free

The Insteon Hub app is also one that gives the user control of many Insteon appliances, for example, Insteon light bulbs, thermostats, outlets, wall switches, etc. The only thing amiss is that it is specific to Insteon devices but with its great customization options one quickly forgets the narrowness of its scope of use. The app allows one to set their preferable scenes which will only take effect when triggered or when the set time reaches. Like the Home Remote app, the Insteon Hub app was also integrated with the Apple Watch.

Insteon for Hub
Price: Free

QuickSwitch for BelkinWeMo

The QuickSwitch app serves all of the BelkinWeMo smart home devices including light bulbs, outlets, and switches. Its user-friendliness is also another advantage and its recent integration with Apple Watch has made it easier for some people to control their smart home devices from their wrist.

CtrlHome – Free

Unlike the other apps, the CtrlHome app is limited in functionality. Essentially, this app provides users with an easy way of controlling the ISY. Regardless of its limit, the app is integrated with Apple Watch which means easier and faster access when one wants to control the ISY linked smart home devices.

Price: Free


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