What is Google

Google is an American multinational company specialized in internet-related products and technologies which founded on September 4, 1998, in Menlo Park, California, United States by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Most popularly, Google is known for its search engine which holds the major share of the global search market. Including the services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google+, etc. it is one of the biggest companies in the world with the highest net worth.

The name ‘Google’ is inspired from the term ‘Googol.’ The founders created the name which is even better to pronounce as well as with inner meanings. The domain name Google.com registered on September 15, 1997, that was the milestone in the birth of Google. Now, it serves Billions of users each day with its uncompromised services. Some of them are given below.

  • Blogger : A Platform that allows to create blogs and websites for free which are hosted in Google Servers.
  • Gmail : A secure and free online email service with a lot of functions and features packed inside.
  • Google+ : A social networking site that functions similar to Facebook and others.
  • Google AdSense : A service that allows people to put ads on their website and to get paid based on clicks or impression on ads.
  • Google AdWords : A service that allows business owners to create ads which will be distributed through the AdSense program.
  • Google Analytics : A tool to get details regarding the traffic and visitors of any domain.
  • Google Calendar : A Google tool to organize your schedule, synchronize, and share events.
  • Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) : Allows to create custom search engines that utilize the base Google algorithm.
  • Google Docs : Allows to view and edit Microsoft office products with the help of Internet.
  • Google Drive : A cloud storage service by Google.
  • Google Earth : A complete earth explorer that allows to view maps and geography of almost any places on earth.
  • Google Fonts : A warehouse of thousands of web fonts.
  • Google Images : A collection of millions of images linking to different parts of the web.
  • Google Mail : One of the best mailing solutions available today.
  • Google Maps : A great way to explore maps and find direction to almost any places on earth.
  • Google Play Music : A Google service that allows to stream, download, and upload music from devices.
  • Google Sites : Similar to blogger, allows to create sites on the web.
  • Google News : The online newspaper that grabs content from different news websites.
  • Google Photos : An online cloud storage for photos.
  • Google Talk : A messenger application by Google.
  • Google Translator : A service that can translate any unknown language to the familiar ones.
  • Google Webmaster tools : A tool for webmasters to manage their websites by configuring different functionalities related to the indexing in Google.
  • YouTube : One of the best video streaming websites on the planet with a collection of millions of hours of video content.


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