What is Mouse

The Mouse is an input device of the computer which is used to point a specific location on the display. By moving the mouse on any surface, the cursor displayed on the screen will move by capturing the X and Y axis movements of the mouse. It is one of the most important parts in GUI (Graphical User Interface) on any personal computers. The mouse actually got its name because it apparently looks like a toy which is very similar to the real mouse. Anyways, it is fun to call an electronic device with the name of a real-life organism.

Looking inside of a mouse, it contains a series of peripherals to make it function properly. In old days, it was a ball like material that captures each pixel movements on the surface and outputs the results on the cursor movements. But today, the technology has advanced and the mouse also. Laser mouse, Invisible Laser mouse, Touchpad (In laptops) are all came into existence with more accuracy and ease of use.

The traditional mouse has three buttons and a wheel while looking from outside. The Left mouse buttons, Right mouse button, and the Center mouse button which commonly attached to the scrolling wheel placed at the center. The Left mouse button is used for selecting and opening files and folders in a computer that makes it the most important button on the device. The Right mouse button is used to get the context menu with a list of options including Copy, Cut, Paste, Move, etc. The context menu will vary according to the file or folder we are selected or the area where the right click happens. The middle button has very few functions like scrolling and creates a scrollable button on the screen.


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