BLUBOO Edge can Record every Beat of your Heart

We’ve already seen many smartwatches coming with the built-in heart rate sensor which monitors your hear’s beats in real-time. But while coming to the smartphone, this is one of the rarest features that only a few companies implemented on their products. Bluboo seems to be adding this feature to their Bluboo Edge model. The device will be equipped with a heart rate monitor next to the LED flashlight placed on the back. Following this, the company also exhibited the video showing off the new addition to the smartphone.


It is very difficult to stay ahead of the smartphone market while the competitors are inventing new methods to take down the rivals. So, Bluboo is also not settling down on the current set of features but they adding new ones and researching on some others. We could take this heart rate sensor as one of them which might be helpful for those who don’t have a  smartwatch.


The video is directed in an interesting way that a girl put her finger lightly on the sensor and after few seconds the smartphone shows here heart rate as something around 74. When encountering a handsome boy after a few moment, the girl’s heartbeat speeded up a little bit and shows something around 86. So, it shows the accurate measures of the heart beat. Check the video below and believe it yourself.

While the Bluboo Edge is on the way, the Bluboo Dual is still on its presale where it is available for just $114.99. Bluboo also announced a giveaway of the product where users could get 6 Free pieces of the smartphone. The presale period will end on December 18th, and then the price will jump back the retail level of $149.99. If you missed our previous articles and wanted to get the Dual for the low rate, visit the following link.–flash-sale/


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