Top 5 Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones

Rooting a phone isn’t as essential as it used to be as phones offer more than they used to. On top of that, it has also become harder to root the latest versions of the Android Operating System. Despite all this, rooting is awesome for you and your phone and can unlock a variety of apps that you’ll enjoy. On that note, here are some of the best apps for rooted Android phones.

#1. ROM Toolbox Pro

With this app, you get a lot of tools that can save you a lot of time. The app in general offers a range of root tools in one single package. You can perform tasks such as install and backup software, partitioning storage among many others. It’s important to note that you need to be very careful when using this app as it involves tweaking things that shouldn’t be touched.


  • It offers ROM Management. You can install ROM and themes
  • Clean up Dalvik cache, wipe data and cache as well
  • Access the whole of android’s system
Price: $5.99+

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#2. Adblock Plus

Not much needs to be said about this app as it’s famous on PC. In recent times, there has been an increase in annoying ads on the Android platform. This increase in pop-up ads has been a nuisance, and this app is trying to solve that. Adblock Plus can remove advertisements from your device, but you can configure it to accept some unobtrusive ads from the sites you support.

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  • Disable obtrusive ads on your device
  • You can configure it to allow some ads to be displayed

#3. Boot Animations

I’d like to call this a cosmetic app. Boot animations as the name implies gives you the opportunity to change the boot animation on your phone. It offers a variety of choices to choose from (about 300 different animations included). Use this app to turn any GIF into your next boot animation.


  • Change your boot animation to any GIF you want
  • Over 300 boot animations included with the app
  • Preview animations before selecting one,0301-62286.html?_ga=1.133670286.1822203948.1478963295

#4. Titanium Back up

Here’s one of the best backup apps in the market by far. Titanium Backup offers root users a ton of useful features such as a full backup, removal of bloatware and much more. As a root user, you can even delve deeper into system mods, ROMs, and many other tweaks.


  • You can backup apps with their data
  • The ability to schedule backups
  • The ability to move apps to and from the SD card

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#5. Flashify

To close off the list, is an app that many of you are going to appreciate. This root app allows the user to flash from recovery without having to reboot your phone. For those who don’t want to spend their time having to research what buttons to press and to hope that they did it in the right order, this app is for you. You can flash anything from a zip to a boot image and even a recovery image. It’s just a great and useful app overall.

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  • The ability to flash and boot recovery image without having to reboot to recovery
  • Offers Automatic cloud synchronization of backups between devices
  • An automatic Loki patch is also provided when needed.

A quick shout out to some few apps such as Greenify and Quick Reboot that also has some wonderful features that improve the smartphone in general.

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