Google WiFi Review

The Google WiFi is a cute, little, affordable piece of work that deluges your humble abode with sweetly fast Wi-Fi, and fortunately, doesn’t require you to either sweat a river or worry a vein loose trying to set it up.

Need to be eternally connected to the wonders and splendors of the fabulous net, but don’t want the stress, expense, and inconvenience of wiring up your home to get it? Got 10 thumbs and a disinclination for tinkering with gizmos and devices that will provide you with the network access you need to wow the world and make your fortune? Then, Google must have had you right in its sniper-scope when devising its newest creation, the Google WiFi.

The Google WiFi is eminently simple in premise but wondrously marvelous in practice. It’s a stylish, little, white, rounded cylinder that you have no problem mistaking for a Bluetooth speaker or the like. It comes modular as needed and is astoundingly simple to operate. A single unit costing $129, equipped with a Gigabit WAN and a Gigabit LAN port and capable of working as either a WiFi router or an extender as needed will do any small home a world of good. Even more units as desired can be added when home real estate increases or when you wish to dramatically boost the signal speed, strength, and coverage.

Setup is a dream, requiring a mere handful of minutes to get its dual-band WiFi permeating through the cracks, attic, and foundation of your home. The connection is through an Android or iOS device and a newly set up Google account, rather than the expected web-based interface. You can additionally use the Google Wi-Fi app to fine-tune settings, as well as a variety of other desired customizations. The app can also be used to determine the optimum locations to emplace your Google WiFi units for optimum performance, to prioritize Internet access to a particular device and to either pause or renew the connection to one desired device or group of devices. Google on its own promises a slew of exciting new features for its Wi-Fi units soon via software update, the most exciting being voice control. Since the constant connection to Google is required for the Google WiFi to work, this raises the question of whether you should be concerned that the device is snooping on you for Big Brother and all his relatives. Google reassuringly says no, and points out that the scanty data collected by its device can additionally be strictly restricted as desired.

I took the Google WiFi home with me after being gifted a single unit by my friend. Setup was painlessly fast and connection superb, with a speed to be measured in the hundreds of megabytes per second. Signal strength was unbreakable and reliability pretty unassailable no matter what I was doing or in which room I was in. Any wonder then that I quickly fell in love with it!

Price is $129 for a single unit or $299 for a set of 3 whichever strikes your fancy, which incidentally is cheaper than the majority of its competitors. The Google Wi-Fi is a stylish, capable addition to any home and performs like a champion thoroughbred that is well worth the cost of its acquisition.

Google WiFi Review
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Value for Money8.5


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