BLUBOO Will Release the First Android Smartphone with Dual Front and Rear Cameras

We’ve been behind the Bluboo Dual model for the last few months. The device got a warm welcome to the dual camera smartphone lineup which encouraged Bluboo to produce more and more such devices. While the Dual is still in its presale, Bluboo is now looking forward to producing another flagship with the same dual-camera setup on the back as well as on the front. It will be one of the futuric devices with the dual front camera setup which will provide a DSLR-like experience to your selfies.

As per the company, the phone would feature true edgeless design, which surely would take the visual enjoyment to a new level aside from enhanced beauty. Edgeless devices are very rare on the market as well as they are very popular. The screen utilizing the maximum front area of the device will be very pleasant to see. The pictures will bulge out of the device through this edgeless display.

More details regarding the next Bluboo flagship is not yet out on the market. But we can soon expect more samples and testing videos. As a reminder, the Bluboo Dual is still in its presale, but the price hiked a little as we mentioned in our previous articles. If you wish, you could visit the Bluboo Dual presale to own one piece. The current price is $129.99 which will soon raise to the normal price. So, if you are really planning to buy the Dual, it is wise to be quick as possible.


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