Top smartphone Hacks To make Your Phone More Smarter

Smartphones are an excellent example of evolving technology, and handheld devices are definitely a technological revolution. Most people have a smartphone nowadays, if you’re not reading this on one, you’re more than likely within arm’s reach of one.

At Mobile Phones Direct we know that a phone is more than just a phone, we want people to get as much out of their smartphone as they possibly can! That’s why we have drawn up this list of our five favorite tricks, hacks, and apps.

Top smartphone Hacks To make Your Phone More Smarter

#1. Love playing games on your phone? Who doesn’t right. Even the least avid gamers have one go to app on their phone than they just can’t help but play. Unfortunately, though, lots of apps come with annoying ads that constantly pop-up while playing. To rid the game of these while you’re playing, simply switch your phone to airplane mode and watch the ads disappear.

#2. It’s no secret that the batteries on some smartphones won’t hold up against constant use. If you find yourself with the cable but without the wall charger, then you can charge it via your computer or TV. Modern TV sets have a USB port fitted at the back or side. This is also useful for when you’re traveling and you don’t have a plug converter. One thing to be wary of, however, is that your photos may be accessible to whoever has the TV remote.

phone has an AMOLED display

Another of our favorite battery savers (and one of the most simple) is to simply set your phone’s background wallpaper to plain black. Background and screen brightness are one of the main users of power so this is a really neat and simple trick, it’s especially useful if your phone has an AMOLED display.

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#3. You now use your smartphone to browse your computer. All you need to do is download the free “Team viewing” app on both devices, follow the simple instructions and there you have it, you can use your smartphone as a viewfinder for your desktop. Really handy for when need to go on your computer but can’t be bothered to sit at a desk, how convenient!

#4. Smartphones come with a range of useful apps with a whole lot more available to download, and we don’t mean just Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

What you probably didn’t know, however, is that your phone is packed with sensors, accelerometers, a magnetometer, a gyroscope, you name it. By downloading a specific utility app, these sensors can allow your phone to be used as a spirit level, a metal detector, a compass or even a vibration detection tool.

#5. This next hack is excellent for budding photographers! Apps such as DSLR Controller can be used to control your camera remotely from your smartphone via the USB OTG.

You have full control of your shutter speeds, focus, zoom, ISO and basically any other setting you can think of.

This is great it cuts down the need for bulky and expensive remote tech, perfect for photographers and filmmakers on the move.

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