15 Best Telegram Bots To Enhance Your Messaging

List of the Best Telegram Bots

Telegram is a very popular messaging tool available for Android, iOS, WP, Mac, Windows, Linux and web versions. Telegram is a clutter free messenger app with a scope for improvement. It was one of the first messengers to offer the encryption feature to users. As a fanboy of Telegram, I was using from the beginning and experienced a lot of new features introduction every time. One of the best features is programmed chat, which lets you chat in an advanced manner. Telegram Bots are one of its best features; they allow users to do messaging to the next level.

Coming to the features part, Telegram is better than WhatsApp in many ways. It is encrypted, uses cloud-based technology and Bot feature for better messaging. Here, in this article I selected Top 30 Best Telegram Bots To Enhance Your Messaging.

Best Telegram Bots for easy conversations

Best Telegram Bots

1. @Vid

@vid bot lets you share YouTube videos with your contacts. It allows you search for a YouTube video in the Telegram UI, and you can share the link too. In a chat session add @vid followed by your YouTube search query and add the video link from the results. It is one of the best Telegram Bots to make conversations simpler.

2. @weatherman_bot

The name suggests what it does. This bot will tell you the weather status in your city. You can use this to get forecast information up to 5 days.

3. @wiki

Wiki will allow you to send Wikipedia links to your Telegram friends. It is a pretty useful bot for students to share a Wikipedia link with few taps. To use, just type @wiki in your chat session and search the term you are looking for and send the link.

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4. @imdb

IMDB is a very popular movie database. From the Telegram Messenger, you can send your favorite movie’s information to your chat friends with the help of a @imdb bot. Just enter the @imdb, followed by the movie name you want to send.

5. @gif

GIF images provide a great way to tell our expressions. They are funny and perfectly timed for the situations. You can send GIF’s in Telegram without any GIF Keyboard support. @gif bot will help you to send gif’s in your chat box without any hassle.

6. @bold

It is fun when we type in different formatting styles. Text formatting is attractive and it looks more appealing than the normal style. @bold bot allows you to add various text formatting styles to your Telegram chat sessions. Just type @bold and add your desired formatting style to your text.

7. @prismabot

It is a surprising bot; this bot lets you add Prisma like filters to your Telegram photos. To use this, send your photo on the @prismabot chat thread, and you will get your image back in your desired filter effect. It is a pretty useful bot for self and photography lovers who use filter effects regularly.

8. @whatmusicbot

You may be guessed it already, yes it is a Shazam-like service for Telegram users. To use this bot, open the @whatmusicbot thread and hold the audio recording button while the music is playing. This bot will search for the song details and reply the information in the thread.

9. @NowTrendingBot

Checking trending stories is super fun. Whether it is related to political news or favorite celebrity gossip, following trending news is worthy of checking. This bot is helpful to check Twitter, YouTube and Dailymotion trends with a simple click.

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10. @dropmailbot

@dropmailbot is a productive bot available for Telegram. This bot allows you to send receive disposable emails. It also allows you to send and receive attachments. This bot helps you to save your email address from spammers without leaving messenger.

11. @packtrack_bot

@packtrack_bot will help you to track your courier packages in the Telegram messenger. All you need to type @packtrack_bot followed by your courier tracking number.

12. @evernotesbot

It is a bot created to turn chat message into a note. It is pretty simple to take your messaging chats backup with this Evernote bot. To use this bot, type the @evernotebot type the message to take notes of it.

13. @spotybot

Spoty bot is a Spotify bot for Telegram. It lets you listen to Spotify music in Telegram without leaving the app. You can also read the lyrics and share the music.

14. @wolframbot

A full-fledged Wolfram search bot designed for Telegram users. You can search anything in Wolfram from the messenger chat box. Just type the @wolframbot and followed by your search query to get instant search results.

15. @udbot

It is pretty fun when chatting with stylish and unique words. Urban Dictionary bot for Telegram allows you to chat with slang words and phrases. You can see a full word definition, and select random definitions too.

Conclusion of Best Telegram Bots

Telegram is a secured and fun packed messenger for masses. We recommend Telegram over WhatsApp by considering its features and simplicity. There are several many bots available for Telegram to handle individual tasks. If you find any bot which is not mentioned here, please comment below to share with our audience.

Rahul is the Editor-in-Chief at Thetechhacker, Phone Opinions, and Ask Hacker. After realizing an obsession with technology, he left his job career to write about technology.

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