Bluestacks Android Emulator Review

Bluestacks Android Emulator is an Android Emulation software which let you run Android like interface on your computer. Using Bluestacks, you can enjoy almost any features as you enjoys on your Android devices. Games, Apps, Surfing, Video streaming, Chatting all made completely like the Android devices. The virtual Android device creates a window on your desktop which can be resized or even make it full screen as per users needs. You can enjoy full-screen HD games and apps without any interruptions or lags in performance.

After installing the Bluestacks, you can set up everything as you do on your android device. Setup WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and every social media profiles as you are using your Android device. The notification will be shown likely to the phone. The Play store access also boosts the productivity of the software. You can download as much as apps from the Google play store as you are on the Android devices. The vast range of apps and games won’t block you from accessing them.

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Bluestacks uses the system resources for operating. Instead of those low resources available on the Android devices, PC delivers better resources to the software thus making it faster than your smartphone. Instead of that limited 8 or 16GB storage in your Android devices. You can use the complete space of your huge hard disk. You can access Photos, Music, Videos, Movies and everything from the software screen itself.

It’s amazing to hear that the Bluestacks android emulator supports the gestures. You can use them by holding the mouse button and moving it as you need it. Instead of our fingers, Bluestacks let us use the mouse as the pointing device. If you have a computer which has the touch capability. You will get the same experience as you using an Android device.

Bluestacks can completely integrate to Windows to deliver the best possible results. It integrates with the latest software which designed with special purposes to perform some important actions on your computer. A small drawback is that the software may be using some considerable amount of resources on your computer, which sometimes slows down the entire system. But, the features it providing does deserve the resource usage

Bluestacks Android Emulator Features

  • Supports almost any Android apps
  • Latest Version of Android installed
  • Easy App Installation
  • Touch Gestures
  • Complete Windows integration
  • Google Play store Access to download Apps and Games
  • Full-screen Supportability
  • Fast Performance
  • Uses PC Resources to Provide a better speed


Bluestacks worthy to be installed on your computer if you doesn’t have an android device to enjoy the power of the Android operating system. It does the job quite well and successfully enabled all the features like an Android smartphone. You could even update the Android version right from the software. So, give it a try.

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Bluestacks Android Emulator Review
8.8 Overall
Value for money9.5

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