TeamViewer Review

TeamViewer is the quickest and the easiest way for Remote Desktop management over the internet. TeamViewer connects the computers in any part of the world within a matter of seconds. Anyone can control the PC of the partner as using their own computer. TeamViewer creates a virtual working environment over the internet which outputs the exact results for each action we make. You can control your partner’s PC as you were right in front of it. You can ever set up meetings, and share files over the internet using the TeamViewer.

The easy to use interface of the software is a quite appreciatable feature. The software creates a highly secures connection for the connected PCs. Each PC will be given a unique ID. The password can be given as per the user’s requirements. The partner must enter the ID and the Password of the other person to access the Remote Desktop connection. Once connected, you got the PC of the partner right in front of you, and you can do any operations as you doing on your PC.

There are a number of other useful features. The partners can chat each other right from the software without switching the windows. They can share files each other without a sharing program and even record the session and save it as a video file. All of the features made it the choice of 200 million+ users all over the world. Many companies using the software for setting up meetings and for presentations through the internet without seating around a round table.

TeamViewer uses less bandwidth when compared to other Remote Desktop Applications around there. In addition, users could choose between the quality and performance modes according to the speed of their internet connection. The Quality mode will bring the best possible quality to the streaming while the performance mode will considerably enhance the connection on slow internet. There are also a couple more controlling options to completely customize the software for any type of usage.

TeamViewer Remote Desktop Control Software Features

  • Control computers remotely over the internet
  • Record sessions and convert to AVI
  • Setup Online meetings
  • Drag & Drop Files to Share
  • Multi-Monitor support
  • Chat Right from the software


TeamViewer is a good remoter desktop application probably the best in the industry. It allows accessing computers from any part of the world which has an internet connection. Even you can control the PCs right from your smartphone using the TeamViewer app available on the play store. So, the next time your friend asks for help on his PC or you wanted to conduct an online whiteboard, remember the TeamViewer and take it into the action. It will pay off.

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TeamViewer Review
8.7 Overall
Value for money9

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