Top 5 Best iPhone Like Launchers for Android

Owning an iPhone is everyone’s dream. But most of the times, the high pricing made you wait a little more to fulfill your dreams. But, here we have a small solution to temporarily satisfy with an iPhone interface right in your Android smartphone. There are plenty of iPhone like Launchers available on the market that completely turns your Android look into an iPhone. They are completely free to use and has no complicated configurations more from the normal launchers that you’ve used before. So, have a look at these top 5 best iPhone like launchers for Android.

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1. One Launcher

One Launcher for Android

One Launcher is one of the most recognized Android launchers in the play store. The launcher can completely turn your Android look into an iPhone within a matter of seconds. Everything except the functions will be tweaked to be an iPhone even including the swiping animations. You could configure the settings to customize the look of your device to be exactly like an iPhone. One of the best thing about this app is that it will never make you irritated with annoying ads. The advertising is completely under control in this nice iPhone like launcher for Android smartphones.

Price: Free

2. iLauncher Plus

iLauncher Plus iPhone Like

iLauncher Plus is a clean and neat way to change the android look into an iPhone. It additionally adds some extra features apart from just changing the look of the Android device. Even the background effects will look like an iPhone making you feel really like using one Apple device. The app itself is lightweight and very easy to use, so this is one of the must use iPhone like launchers.

Download iLauncher Plus

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3. 6 Plus iOS Launcher

6 Plus iOS Launcher for Android

6 Plus iOS launcher is also a considerable solution if any of the above two doesn’t meet your requirements. The icons looks a little boring, but it is still a good choice to turn Android interface int iPhone. It gives an almost similar feel like an Apple iPhone 6. But a bad thing about this app is that it is loaded with a lot of ads which may irritate you several times.

Download 6Plus iOS Launcher

4. OS9 Launcher

OS9 Apple iPhone Like Launcher

OS9 Launcher helps to convert Android interface into a fully functional iOS interface. The icons are very similar to that of iPhones. The speed and usability also makes it one of the best iPhone like launchers for Android. If you didn’t like any of the above-listed launchers for your Android device, the OS9 Launcher is the next best choice you can make.

Download OS9 Launcher

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5. xOS Launcher

xOS Launcher for Android

Last but not least, the xOS launcher turns Android devices to look like iOS. Several options like simple, lightweight interface, the customized section for deleting apps and moving around, customizable home screen, smart widgets, effects, flexible theme options all makes it a good iPhone-like launcher.

Price: Free

Which one will you use on your android smartphone? Have any other launchers to add to this list? Feel free to leave a comment in the following comment area.

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