Beats Solo 2 Review

The Beats Solo 2 is the latest iteration of the Beats Solo HD, which proved as immensely popular and nearly delish as chocolate ice-cream. As to be expected, the new can has ambitious design objectives and parameters. Whether it fulfills them or not is another matter beatsy that you have to scroll down to see.

Got a Beats Solo HD? They some rather marvelous cans if we say so, with their unique combo of beauty, brains, and bass. Had some fun times and raised some holy hell with it you lucky bugger you? Now though comes the uppity successor. So, bow down, pay homage and prepare to loosen your purse strings and slip on another piece of bass heaven over those your pampered ears.

The Beats Solo 2 has largely similar design as its predecessor, with Beats apparently not desiring to move too far afield from its clearly ever-popular looks. The new cans though do come curvier and in a variety of colors and flavors that is sure to slake the thirst of all age groups. Inside the box you get the can, the RemoteTalk wrap-around cable and carrying case. The Beats Solo 2 are foldable and portable, for when you need to take it on a date, or when you do get chosen to join the Martian excursion. When you do need to show off and display your narcissist side, you can slip it on and lug it out to Muscle beach or a reasonable facsimile of same without much fear of it embarrassingly falling off, due to its secure fit. It’s ultra-lightweight and ergonomically designed for long-duration comfortable use. We therefore experienced absolutely no discomfort after hours spent sampling its rather splendid charms, courtesy of lushly-padded and grippy earcups and equally comfortable headband, which additionally comes user-adjustable for the just perfect fit. With no active noise-canceling feature, it still managed to isolate noise pretty effectively for a graveyard-worthy effect. On the left earcup you get a 3.5mm jack slot, with the cable additionally being removable and sporting a 3 button remote for iOS devices only as well as a microphone. For Apple fanboys. the 3 buttons comprise dedicated volume buttons as well as a central master button that pauses, skips and plays tracks as well as answering and ending calls. With all its multi-functionality resting on how many tappings you give it and whether you are on a call or not.

Sound quality for the Beats Solo 2 is much more improved over those of its august predecessor. The bass is still predominant, but the rest of the range is clearer and more enjoyable to listen to with absolutely no distortion worth the name no matter the volume levels.

MSRP is $200, though you can get it much cheaper depending on where you snag it. Available colors are, pink, blue, grey, red, black, and white, depending on how you like the action. The Beats Solo 2 is a worthwhile remake of the original. Not perhaps for true audiophiles, it still delivers clear sound you just got to fall in love with. If you can’t or choose not to purchase its more expensive siblings, this one does the job as well and cheaper too.

Beats Solo 2 Review
8.2 Overall
Sound Quality9


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