GearBest CES 2017 Sale Started

Gearbest never failed to treat its customers with amazing offers on each and every festivals and event season. Now, it is the time when all looking eagerly to the CES 2017, an electronic and technology tradeshow- probably the best in the world. So, Gearbest also turned their focus to this event by providing numerous offers on various gadgets in the warehouse.

GearBest CES 2017 Sale PIMAX and GENIUSIDEA

As you can see in the image above, the PIMAX 4K UHD VR is available for just $359.00 after applying the coupon code, it is an absolute loot. You could also avail 16% discount on the GENIUSIDEA drone. The drone has some impressive features including a 4K camera.

GearBest CES 2017 Sale NewbeeGearBest CES 2017 Sale Newbee

The Newbee Headphone and Headsets are available for amazing discounts of upto 63%. It can be further extended by applying the coupon code.

GearBest CES 2017 Sale Ideafly

If you don’t like the headsets or headphones, try some Ideafly drones with huge offers. You could availa various models from the company even for $87.99.

GearBest CES 2017 Sale Sunlu

Sunlu also participated in the CES sale by listing their numerous products on the sale. The above shown items are just few of them. You could find more by clicking on the “View more” link in the offer page which you can reach from the link given at the end of the article.

GearBest CES 2017 Sale Gamesir

If you are a gamer who obsessed to the computer gaming, the Gamesir items with extreme discounts is your best choice. The items starting just $5 can help you your daily gaming.

GearBest CES 2017 Sale Oplayer

The OPlayer smartwatches are another attraction of the sale. Gearbest even offering 65% discounts on some OPlayer items which will be limited to a certain period.

GearBest CES 2017 Sale FIIl

Music enthusiasts can enjoy the wide range of collection from the FIIL which is one of the best brands for quality headphones. The prices looks a little high even after excluding the offer price.

GearBest CES 2017 Sale Hot Products

In addition, there are numerous companies which listed their items on the Gearbest for huge discounts. Some of them are shown above. As usual, the offers will end after the sale period, and the prices will be set to normal. So, be quick if you really want to enjoy the discounts.

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