OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank Review

There are several situations where you need a power bank even more than water. If you ever felt thirsty, you might be able to find some water in a couple of minutes or few hours at the most. But, once your smartphone went thirsty and needed some battery juice to continue running, it is not that easy to give it some relief. Especially, if you are in any long journey, finding a power outlet is almost impossible. So, here comes the need of a powerful power bank to juice up your lovely smartphone.

OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank is such a nice product with good build quality and quite good power storage. With the 7500mAh battery packed inside, the device can help you charge your devices multiple times for days of continuous usage. The charging time is also quite well when compared to the competitors which made us like it better. The device is certified by Apple to use with its products like iPhone, iPad, etc. that makes it compatible with the sweet apple flagships. As per the company, they have used the original lightning connector to provide the same charging advantages like the original Apple lightning cables.

OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank Devices Connected

The device is coming with the USB connector too which will help to charge other compatible smartphones. As per the company, the device is well compatible with the Samsung smartphones, and they officially confirmed the compatibility. Other devices will be also compatible if it can take a normal power bank to get some charging juice. The unique slide design makes it more convenient to use both on Apple products and normal smartphones or tablets. Whenever you need it, just slide the top panel to uncover the USB and lightning connectors and charge your devices.

As per the company, the compatibility of the OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank is confirmed with the iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, etc. It has a Fast charging design with input Ports of 5V/2.0A and Output Ports of 5V/2.4A. The company saying that the device could be completely charged within 5hrs. But from our tests, it took around 6 hours to charge the product. It is not a bad charging time for a 7500mAh large battery power bank. There are 4 LEDs that give you some ideas of how much charge is left for charging. It is ideal to keep and eye on it.

OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank Design

It is made using the Lithium-polymer battery and premium microchips, which has 7 layers of smart safety protection to ensure the safety of the users. Unlike the Li-ion batteries, this material will not explode upon serious charging failures. And the reliability of the battery is also very high when compared to the standard batteries. So, it will be able to give you around 500 recharging cycles without lowering the capacity of the battery. After that, as usual in any know power bank, this might also end up in losing some of the storage space inside the battery.

The company is offering a 1-year warranty for the product which will be the safety period to ensure the quality of the product. In addition, there is also a 30-day money back guarantee in case of any problems in the build or usage. So, you could easily take a decision on this quality product from OLALA which just costs around $42.99 on Amazon. So, go and give it a try.

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OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank Review
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