BLUBOO D1 Would Be the First Android Phone Powered by Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm had been working on their SoC, the Snapdragon 835. But now, as per the latest reports, the company is ready to ship it with the latest smartphones coming in 2017. Most probably the second half of the year would be flooded with the Snapdragon 835 devices.Numerous companies looking forward to build their smartphone with the latest Snapdragon flagship. So, we users can expect some good performance smartphones by the end of this new year.

After working on so many flagships like Bluboo Dual, Bluboo now seems to be stepping into the high-end smartphone production with their upcoming D1 model. As per the reports, the smartphone will feature a dual camera design as we’ve seen in many Bluboo models recently. And relating the new Snapdragon flagship, the Bluboo D1 will come with theSnapdragon 835 chipset. So, we could expect something better from the company which never failed to provide quality products at lower rates. But, this might not be that cheaper as the company is targeting the high-end users.

The Bluboo D1 will feature dual rear cameras with professional DDSLR-level photo quality along with dual front-facing cameras with enhanced beautification features. Along with that, the company also stating that the device will arrive with a true edgeless design resulting in a high screen-to-body ratio. Edgeless screens are always the user-favorite. So, the company could expect something bigger from the sale of their upcoming device.

BLUBOO D1 Would Be the First Android Phone Powered by Snapdragon 835 - 2

As per the company, the team is hardly working on the final stages of the production and it might come before the arrival of the devices like Xiaomi Mi6 and OPPO Find 9. That’s why the company calling it the first Snapdragon 835 equipped android smartphone. For further information, stay tuned to our website and also visit the Bluboo official page for official reports regarding the smartphone.


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