Bluboo Dual Soon Upgrades to Naked-eye 3D Display

Bluboo, the Chinese smartphone maker today released an amazing announcement. It says their latest model Bluboo Dual is going to get upgraded with the Naked-eye 3D Display technology. This is a great news in the Chinese smartphone market. Bluboo is not a giant corporate like Xiaomi or Huawei, who constantly spend for Designs, research and development.

Bluboo is a mid-range smartphone maker. If we notice their smartphone models and price range, we can understand this 3D display technology will be available for the budget price. The previous Bluboo Dual model is available for just $99.99.

The 3D glasses, Virtual Headsets, mods and other technological advancements that enhance the display are now available as an additional component to the device. It also makes us to spend extra to the device cost. This Naked-eye 3D Screen technology enables us to watch 3D movies and play 3D games just like how we do it in ordinary circumstance. We don’t need those extra components which sometimes are inconvenient. The 3D glasses reportedly have issues like image blur, ghosting etc. Those issues cannot be seen in the Naked-eye 3D screens.

The upgraded Bluboo Dual will be available possibly in the first quarter of 2017. The only confirmed specification is the Naked-eye 3D display. Bluboo Dual, actually named after its dual camera. So, we can expect the upgraded version of it will definitely have dual rear cameras. Based on the news leaks, Bluboo will send invitations to the upgraded Bluboo Dual before its release.

The previous Bluboo Dual, which is currently available in the shops, has the following specifications – 5.5-inch IPS LCD Display with  1080 x 1920 pixels resolution, MediaTek MT6737 Quad-core Processor, Mali T720 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of Internal Storage, Dual Rear Cameras with 13MP and 2MP Sensors, 5MP Selfie Camera, 3000mAh battery and a rear mounted fingerprint scanner.

You can find the details of the previous Bluboo Dual model here. –

You can buy it from Aliexpress here


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