Touchscreen Technology Predictions for 2017

Touchscreen technology may have already revolutionized the way we live but surely we’re all too tech savvy by now to think that things will simply remain the same? In fact, the pace of change is rapid and the future is already upon us; here’s a list of four predictions for touchscreen technology in 2017:

Haptic Touch

Although the word itself may not be overly familiar to most, haptic technology has been around for some time. In basic terms, haptic touch is the feeling that touchscreen keyboards respond to as a user applies force – i.e. when your phone buzzes to acknowledge you have pressed a key.

Now, haptic touch is taking on a whole new meaning as touchscreen keyboards are expected to raise up from the screens themselves to make the experience of typing more tactile. There is an obvious market for this advancement, from touchscreen kiosks to smartphones and even futuristic cars like this new release from Faraday. Many consumers find typing on touchscreens difficult due to the lack of response from the screen itself so haptic could solve all those problems this year.

Improved Content Delivery

Rarely these days do you encounter a marketing campaign without some kind of touchscreen offering but more often than not it’s a lazy use of the technology on offer – a slideshow of some kind triggered by the user’s touch – yawn.

The predicted ‘next step’, is that more content will be delivered more often and across more mediums than ever before – that boring slideshow will likely be an interactive video chat style advert by this time next year… No really, it probably will.

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Touchscreen Takeover

When touchscreens were first made available on mobile phones many people scoffed at the idea that they would become the norm and now look – the same people who scoffed now marvel at the technology they have become so familiar with.

So will the same people dismiss the concept of touch screens infiltrating other parts of their lives? The computer I use to write this piece has touchscreen capability. My television has a touch interface for the volume, channel and other controls – where will touch infiltrate next?

How about your table? Or the arm of your sofa? Or your bed? Or your bathroom cabinet? Or just about anything really… The prediction is that touchscreen technology will be available for tables next – presumably to interact with entertainment tech such as TV’s, entertainment providers and games consoles – all whilst you enjoy your evening meal: very cool.

Behind the Screens

Yes. The biggest prediction for 2017’s touchscreen revolution is that the technology behind the screens will be changed almost completely. The market is already thriving with a variety of touchscreen options but, as tech advances, they soon become cheaper to manufacture and thus there is a paradigm shift to the cheaper model.

The feel of the screens will remain the same this year but you will see a lot more thanks to a simplified, less expensive manufacturing process. Welcome to the next generation of touch tech.

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