Keyword Research, tracking keyword ranking, checking backlinks, checking competitor ranks, doing a complete SEO audit of the website. Whatever the need, SEMRUSH is a complete tool to help you.

As on 14/01/2017, this all in one tool has a massive database of over 302,100,000 keywords and 218,655,591 domains. It is very popular among the bloggers and especially utilized for keyword research. It provides almost of the information regarding the keywords like Volume (based on country), CPC, Competition, etc. which is enough to craft a good ranking article.

Recently, we also tried this tool and found it very useful for the purpose. It was showing accurate results especially when it comes to tracking the keyword position in SERPs. When compared to other known tools, SEMRUSH provided much accurate results in almost of the sections. So, we’ve decided to present an SEMRUSH review to our readers to let them know more about the tool and its functions. Have a look.

SEMRUSH Interface

SEMRUSH Interface

This is how the interface will look like. As you can see, it is very justified and organized in a catchy manner. No difficulties there in finding the important details like Traffic, Keywords details, Backlinks, Advertising, etc. All are implemented in an elegant way. On the left sidebar, the features are listed without missing a single one. Clicking on each one will bring you separate screens where you could continue your operations. The organic keyword distribution is represented in a circular graph which your can find easily on the interface.

Users will be able to switch the countries by clicking on certain options given just under the search box. You will be also able to switch between the Live and Historic data from the SEMRUSH interface. All in all, it is incredibly easy to navigate and you can try it yourself from their website by going to this link.

SEMRUSH Features

SEMRUSH is a warehouse of features. It simply has almost of the functions needed to optimize your website for the search engines like Google and Bing. The accuracy of the results makes our efforts pay off quickly and efficiently. No matter how experienced you are on the blogging industry, the SEMRSUH is one of the best tools to keep using in your day to day blogging. To know more about the features of the SEMRUSH, just have a look at this section where we completely described each one of them.

Note: We will be taking the reports of the itself throughout the review.

Analytics Reports

SEMRUSH Analytics

One of the most important section of the SEMRUSH is the analytics tools. There comes the Keyword research, Advertising research, Backlink reports, etc. which are the most crucial needs of a blogger. From our tests, SEMRUSH provides almost correct results, but yes, there are some fluctuations from the real traffic of the website. It calculates the traffic by taking the organic positioning of the keyword, volume of the keyword in their database, etc. into account. Without explaining too much, let’s look into the analytics features of SEMRUSH.

Organic Research

Organic Search Positions SEMRUSH

It provides the organic research details of any inputted domain You can analyze competitors’ best keywords and beat them by analyzing the organic competitors. You will be also able to keep an eye on the position changes of domains to organize your SEO practices in the right way. If you are into optimizing your website to perform well in the SERPs, using the Organic research tool of the SEMRUSH is very crucial.

Advertising Research

Paid Search Positions SEMRUSH

If you are an advertiser and want to find the best possible ads for your business, you can utilize SEMRUSH for uncovering competitors’ Ad strategies and budget. You can also beat your rival advertisers by finding their focus on the industry. By localizing your ad campaigns, you will be able to leverage the most potential traffic for your ads coming from the targetted area.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising on SEMRUSH

Display Advertising moved in front more than any other advertising methods in the past few years. Big companies spending millions on the services like Adsense to display their ads all over the internet distributed by Google. So, the SEMRUSH tool has a wide variety of features in the display advertising section. You can see the top publishers and advertisersAnalyze competitors’ display ads in order to beat them with much effective concentration on those areas. You will be even able to analyze them based on different devices from the tool.


Backlinks SEMRUSH

There is no need of an introduction to the backlinks. They are probably the best way to rank your website. If done correctly, even a few number of quality backlinks can skyrocket your search engine ranking. So, there is no question why SEMRUSH has a variety of backlink analysis functions. Using the tool, you will be able to conduct a deep link analysis, find the referring domains, analyze backlink types, etc. In addition, you could find out toxic backlinks which might affecting your site rankings.

After finding such bad links, you will be able to effectively disavow them in order to stabilize your rankings in Google or Bing.

Video Advertising Research

If you are into video advertising, the SEMRUSH help you create an effective video ad campaign and find your competitors’ video ad strategies. You can also discover top advertisers for any keyword in order to optimize your video ads according to that. There are much more features that will help you to earn more and more customers and money from your video ads. It is both beneficial for the businesses, and YouTubers.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research in SEMRUSH

Here comes one of the most important features of the SEMRUSH, the Keyword research. Honestly speaking, it is one of the best ever tools to leverage the low competition keywords and find their almost correct metrics. This will help you to write articles that drives good amount of traffic to your website. You can also find out the CPC of any keyword based on different countries. This helps to optimize your content for the best possible earning from the services like Adsense. In addition, you can use this section for getting long-tail keywords, matched keywords, etc. Here is a list of things that you can find using the keyword research tool.

  • Keyword: The keyword that you input into the search box of the SEMRUSH.
  • Pos: Position of a keyword in the search engine results also know as SERPs. This can be found in the domain keyword analytics or the SEO site audits. the position of the keyword will be updated more often for the high traffic keywords and at least once in a month for each and every keyword in their database.
  • Volume: Here displays the volume of a keyword or also known as the search volume. Normally, they will be represented categorized based on the countries. We measured the accuracy of the results using the Google Keyword planner tool and yes, as mentioned we got almost accurate results. We should admit the effort of the company in leveraging the search data of a search engine almost accurately.
  • CPC: Here you can find the Cost Per Click of a keyword. It is very essential for earning effectively from the ad networks like Adsense.
  • URL: The URLs which the keyword is driving traffic. They will be sorted based on the percentage of the traffic driven by the keyword. This data can be used for stealing your competitors SEO tactics and ranking your own pages.
  • Com: The competition of a keyword is the difficulty you will face in order to rank your pages for a particular keyword. Higher the competition, difficult it would be to rank. If you are not an expert in building backlinks and SEO methods, it is always recommended to choose a low competition keyword.
  • Results: The total number of results outputted by the search engine for the given keyword. Here, the lower number is better, and the competitions will be less.
  • Trend: Trend is the popularity or usage of the keyword over time. If you find that the trend of a keyword keeps lowering considerably, it means, that keyword losing the search volume gradually. So, it is better to use a good trendy keyword.

Product Listing Ads (PLA)


Using SEMRUSH, you will be able to define your product listing ads competitors and get insight into your PLA competitors’ product feeds. You can also view your competitors’ best-performing PLAs in order to leverage the best results. Like many other functions, this is also helpful for getting good results by following your competitors.


Tools section is probably the best and most important one in SEMRUSH. Here you can find the difficulty of a keyword, analyze the possibility of ranking, view the domain vs domain analysis, get charts and reports for your insights, etc. To know more, just read the below sections.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty Tool SEMRUSH

If you want to defeat the competitors or want to stay away from the competition, finding the keyword difficulty is essential. And the SEMRUSH power packs an excellent keyword difficulty analysis tool. Here, you can find keywords with less competition and can estimate keyword difficulty instantly. It provides couple more other competition details and guides for you to defeat your competitors in SERPs.

Domain vs. Domain

Domain Vs Domain in SEMRUSH Review

It is always better to look and learn. Using SEMRUSH, you will be able to run Domain vs. Domain analysis to find out the secrets of your competitors. Set side-by-side domain comparisons and see those domain’s common and unique keywords. The data will be presented in a visually pleasing format and we personally loved the understandability of the graphs.


SEMRUSH Chart Tool

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, almost of the metrics will be listed in a visual format. The charts are one such important function of the SEMRUSH. Using these helpful charts, users will be able to compare domains with key visibility indicators and even conduct competitive analysis on the competitors.

My Reports

Myreports in SEMRUSH

It is not easy to visit the SEMRUSH pages every time to find out your backlink profile or to view your top performing keywords or backlinks to optimize your website. So, there are numerous reports available on the SEMRUSH which could be gathered as a custom PDF report. It can be later used to efficiently sort the things out and increase your search engine rankings. SEMRUSH also lets you design your report using branding and commenting features. You could also share and schedule reports on a regular basis.


SEMRUSH Projects

Here you run the audits of your website, track your keywords, optimize your social media, check backlinks, grab SEO ideas, etc. This is the evergreen spot of the SEMRUSH where the information is useful to keep you on the top of the competition. To know more, read the following paras.

Position Tracking

Position Tracking SEMRUSH

Position tracking is essential to know the effect of your efforts. Searching Google every time to know the position of your keyword is not that easy. So, SEMRUSH introduced this feature which will track the input keyword position as per your requirements. Also, the tool automatically track the top traffic driving keywords for you. You can also track your competitor’s keywords to find their improvements. Discovering local competitors will help to leverage more juice out of the local traffic. There are also some additional functions like grouping keywords with tags, Targeting different devices are there on SEMRUSH.

Site Audit

SEMRUSH Site Audit

SEO audits are very essential to find out what you are missing on your website. The tool lists almost of the errors and problems on your site results in a better fixing of those problems. You can frequently check site’s health with the SEO analysis tool and fix them to improve your rankings. The tool automatically prioritize SEO issues automatically to sort out the things. Users will be also able to track SEO optimization progress to keep updated with the SEO issues.

Social Media Tool

Social Media Audit Tool SEMRUSH

This is one of the unique features in regular SEO tools out there. Using SEMRUSH, you will be able to keep track of your Social Media campaigns and research your competitor’s social media improvements. The visualized representation of the data has high relevance here also. There are much more functions to optimize your social media profiles and leverage the most out of them. Try it yourelf and you will get an idea.

Brand Monitoring

Monitoring your Brand is very important especially if you are already established yourself on the internet. Keeping track of the Brank reputation has a great role in upgrading your company or website. The SEMRSUH Brand monitoring opens a huge playground of discovering new opportunities. Even it is not complete, it is still providing a good set of functions to stay on the top of the competition.

SEO Ideas


If you are a beginner or an intermediate with only basic knowledge on finding SEO ideas based on your current keyword rankings, the SEO ideas function of the SEMRUSH has great importance. It lets users to analyze Google ranking factors affecting website’s performance, get recommendations based on collected data, and compare and analyse Google’s top 10 performers on each specified keyword. One of the nice functions we noticed is the automatic suggestions of the long/short tail keywords. It lets you grab the idea for your next article.

Backlink Audit Tool

Backlink Audit Tool SEMRUSH

Even if there is a backlink check function in SEMRUSH, you have to check it every time when you needed a website’s backlink profile. But the Backlink Audit tool is a different thought which lets you find all website backlinks using the Search Console integration. It allows you to easily find and remove harmful backlinks, send toxic backlinks to the Google Disavow tool and thus to keep your link profile neat and clean. As bad backlinks affect your ranking to a large degree, this tool does the job. SEMRUSH will not stop  recrawling your link profile unless you decide to stop it. It reduces your work to a great extent.

Organic Traffic Insights

Organic traffic from the popular search engines like Google and Bing is the target of most of the bloggers and businessmen. So, SEMRUSH already provided almost of the organic traffic analysis tools, but in addition, it also provides various insights on the same. Using the tool, you will be able to unlock the ‘not provided’ keywords, merge search console and analytics data, and even analyze keyword potential. You have to connect your Google Analytics account to the tool in order to use it. What’s more needed for from SEMRUSH?

What makes it special

Now, you know what is SEMRUSH and almost all or probably all functions and features of the SEMRUSH. But, most of them seems to be already included in other SEO tools which you can find online. So, you want to know the unique features or things which makes SEMRUSH special from the competitors, right? Here are they.

Export almost anything

Export SEMRUSH Date and Reports

Using SEMRUSH, you will not only be able to find results but also will be able to export them to Excel, CSV or PDF formats. Even if the feature is present in many other tools, we haven’t seen any tools providing 100% export of any data and reports. It doesn’t matter how much lines or results are there in the table. The fast process lets you have them within a matter of seconds. However, there are some limitations to the exported data based on your plan.

Good Support – 24/7

SEMRUSH has a dedicated support team to help the customers. You could either mail them or can directly call the toll-free numbers given on their website. We tested their support and most of the times, got satisfactory results. To be exact, we called them 5 times and 4 times they helped us. We also emailed them 5 times and we got help in all the attempts quite quickly. So, that’s excellent.

Recommended by numerous reputed brands

If you visit the SEMRUSH homepage, you can see many of the reputed brands recommending SEMRUSH as your SEO tool. Here is few of them.

SEMRUSH Recommendations

Easy navigation throughout the features

By ‘navigations,’ I mean the ease in using the tool for various purposes. The navigation itself is accessible from any of the page on the website and is sectioned in a beautiful and natural way. The graphs and other visual reports enhance the beauty of the interface substantially. If you ever tried other website analysis tools, you will surely love the way SEMRUSH team implemented the things.


  • Almost of the SEO features packed in a single place
  • Massive database which is updated more often
  • User-friendly interface
  • Limited free usage available


  • High pricing
  • Small fluctuations from the correct values

What users saying about SEMRUSH?

Here are some of the user reviews taken from the Google reviews to let you know what other users think about the SEMRUSH. As you can see, most of them rated the service very helpful which exhibits the usefulness of it.

SEMRUSH User Reviews from Google




In this review of SEMRUSH, you might find almost of the details that you need regarding the tool. As you can already guess, SEMRUSH is one of the best tools you could considering buying for your next blog or the current one. To be honest, we felt like the pricing of the service is a little high and it may not be affordable for startups or beginner bloggers. However, if you can arrange the money from your earnings, it worths the price. No penny will be wasted on this tool. We have personally tested it for several months and it worths the price.

The plans are starting from $99.95 per month which will be further reduced if you go for the annual plan. But there is a good news for you. SEMRUSH is providing 14-day trial account for the Follow members. If you are a follow member, you can get 14-days of free usage. If you are not a Follow member, you could still use the service for a limited attempts/day. Go and give it a try from the following link.

9.1 Reviewer
Value for Money8.5

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