What is OS (Operating System)

An OS or Operating System is a computer program that makes it possible the communication between the hardware and software. In other words, operating systems act as a mediator between the hardware and software in a computer. When the computer was first brought into the business, it was having a command line interface which might feel terrible to use these days. A lot of complicated codes made it almost impossible to work flawlessly. But nowadays, we all are using the GUI (Graphical User Interface) where we control the entire PC using the input devices like Mouse and Keyboard.

Popular Computer operating systems

  • Windows: An operating system founded by Microsoft.
  • Mac: Apple OS which comes only with the Apple MacBooks and iMacs.
  • Linux: It is an open source OS.
  • Android: Developed by the Google and powering the majority of smartphones.
  • iOS: Another Apple operating system used in iPhones.

An operating system will be able to perform multiple tasks at the same time efficiently without interpreting each other. The CPU, RAM, and other hardware parts will follow the instructions of the operating system in order to provide a good user experience on the OS. The inputs and outputs of a computer are all managed by the operating system with the support of the hardware parts.

When talking about the market share of the operating systems, the Microsoft Windows had the most number of users which later taken over the by Android in the number. But they are incomparable as Windows is specially crafted for the PCs, Laptops, and Notebooks, while the Android is for the smartphones. As per the reports from trusted sources, by the end of 2018 a majority of the operating system market share will be held by the Android, and the number of desktop users will reduce considerably. As the technology advances, users will always tempt to use the easiest device.

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