How To Erase iPhone Data Completely

iPhone’s are great devices to use. A true user always stores all his personal data like photos, music, videos, camera recordings, emails, messages and much more. Apple always stays updated by launching new devices every year. Recently Apple launched iPhone 7, and 7 Plus and rumors are going circulating for upcoming iPhone 8. Many iPhone lovers upgrade their iPhone’s when a new iPhone launch in the market.

Are you planning to sell your old iPhone? It is not good to sell without deleting data. Before going to sell the iPhone follow these steps to remove every bit of traces on the device.

How To Make A Backup of Your iPhone

If you never connected your iPhone to your computer, now it is the time to sync your device. To get started you need a computer with iTunes installed. Now connect the device with the computer using cable or iTunes Wi-Fi sync.

After successful connection to the iTunes, you will have a backup option on the screen. Under Backups, you will have backup options like Automatically Backup to the iCloud or This computer. Also, you can manually Backup your iPhone using iTunes.

If you have sensitive data on your iPhone, you can encrypt the backup file which is offered by iTunes.

How To Erase iPhone Data Completely

After successful backup of the device now it is the time to remove your data and settings from the iPhone Completely. This process involves clean wipe of all your data; you may not get the data after the wipe.

  1. Open Setting icon from the device home screen.
  2. Now go to “General” settings.
  3. Here, choose “Reset” option.
  4. Tap on the “Erase All Content and Settings” option.

After finishing above steps, iPhone will start the erasing process. Depending on the size of the data it may take several minutes or hours time. After a successful wipe, the iPhone starts as new iPhone with a welcome screen.

However, it is always advisable to cross check the data completely wiped or not. Some apps will use the device hardware ID to start their service, even after the complete wipe there is a chance of connecting to your account even after reset. It is always advisable to manually unlink the iPhone from the corresponding app website.

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