The 10 Gadgets to Add to Your Smartphone to Improve Your Gaming Experience

The future of gaming lies in your pocket, within your smartphone. As mobile phones get smaller and more powerful, users continue to look for additional integrations of their daily lives into their phones. The new trend is to include your favorite gaming experiences in the palm of your hand instead of having to rely on your video game console or desktop computer system. Here are 10 cool gadgets to buy and add to your smartphone to enhance your ability to enjoy mobile gaming.

1. Pocket Projector

Start with a pocket projector, which can help increase the size of your viewing screen. Instead of watching your gaming pursuits on your phone’s included displayed, you can project your progress on a light-colored surface or wall. This way, you can get the traditional look of a video game system from your television but still use your smartphone for all of your power.

2. Game Controller

Next, you’ll need a little more pizazz and capability with your gaming controller. Choose a controller that is similar to models offered by popular gaming consoles and simply hook it into one of your smartphone’s ports. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy traditional gameplay and ease of access, even through the small display of your mobile phone.

3. Arcade Box

Another fun add-on for your mobile phone is something called an arcade box. This type of gadget transforms your phone into a mini arcade unit for classic arcade titles. Your phone acts as the screen in the arcade unit, and you can use the added controls on the unit to get the old-school arcade experience.

4. Mini Joystick Piece

One great idea for some serious gaming capabilities is to equip your phone with a mini joystick piece. Unlike a game controller add-on, a mini joystick piece mimics the older style of joystick control most commonly seen on old Atari game consoles and some arcade games. This makes it much easier to move around your character or player on some types of games.

5. Steering Wheel Device

If you like playing racing or other driving games, you should consider trying out a steering wheel type controller for your phone. Most of these attachments hook up around your phone, placing your display in the middle of the wheel. This means you can twist and turn the wheel all while watching your progress easily on your conveniently located screen.

6. Wireless Headphones

The sound is another important part of your gaming experience, and sometimes, you’ll need an upgrade on the in-phone speakers or included headphones for your device. Enhance your sound with wireless headphones that use Bluetooth technology. Don’t worry about being tethered to your device during gameplay, and get a greater sound experience with a quality set of headphones.

7. Virtual Reality Headset

The newest gaming feature for upcoming titles is virtual reality technology. In order to access this type of functionality, you’ll need a virtual reality headset for your phone. This way, you’ll feel just like you’re right inside of the game instead of an observer. Many of these headsets fit easily over the top of your phone.

8. Analog Controller

The 8-bit controllers of the past popular gaming consoles, like Nintendo’s first NES, have become trendy as retro technology increases in demand. You can relieve those days of playing in your living room as a child with a replica controller that maintains the same functionality of the past. You can even play old titles, such as classics from Activision and gaming guru Bobby Kotick, the same way you did years ago.

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