Kent Pearl Vs. Aquaguard Enhance: Which One to Buy?

Buying a water purifier has become a necessity of life. Water supplied to our homes is far from safe. Secondly, the quality of water also varies in different regions. While in some areas, iron content may be high, in others the level of chlorine or other contaminants may be a problem. People who are in transferable jobs or those who reside in rented accommodations need to change their home frequently. As a result, they are unable to predict the quality of water supplied to the area they next move too. Therefore, your kitchen needs a robust water purifying system that dispenses pure drinking water, irrespective of the source of water supply.

Fortunately, water purifier brands such as Kent & Aquaguard have come a long way in developing water purification systems that purify water from various sources.  Water purifiers such as Kent Pearl and Aquaguard Enhance from Eureka Forbes are hottest selling water purifiers in the market.

While both offer revolutionary features, the big question is which one is better? Here’s our verdict.

Kent Pearl

Kent Pearl

Kent Pearl is undoubtedly one of the top water purifiers available in the market today. Driven by patented Kent water purification technology, Kent Pearl is one of the most advanced water purifiers for domestic use. Some salient features of the product are summarized as under –

  • Technology – Double purification of RO+UV+UF. The TDS controller removes dissolved impurities such as chemicals and salts.
  • Design – Flexible wall mounting or counter top installation with detachable storage tank
  • Storage –Stores up to 8 liters water
  • Operations – Fully automatic on & off operations, in-built auto flushing system, computer control operations with filter change & UV Fail alarm, LED indicator for power and purification display
  • Built – Food grade, non-breakable, plastic construction, built with push-fit components for a durable and leak proof performance
  • Protection – Built-in SMPS allows smooth functioning of water purification system at varying input voltage ( 100-300V AC)
  • Versatility – Suitable for treating water from different sources (tap water, municipal supply, brackish water).

With Kent Pearl, you are not only assured to get pure drinking water but also improves the taste of the water. The purification technology effectively removes all impurities and also retains the natural minerals of water.

Aquaguard Enhance

Aquaguard Enhance

Extending the assurance of pure drinking water, Aquaguard Enhance is also one of the trusted brands in the water purifier segment. The purifier efficiently removes all the harmful bacteria and chemicals from the water. We discuss some of the features of the product:

  • Technology – Propelled by RO+UV+TDS water purification technology /Silver surety technology
  • Design – Modern design compatible with both wall mounting and table top installation
  • Storage – Can store up to 7 liters of water
  • Operation – Purified water level indicator, UV, and filter fail alarm
  • Built – The body of the water purifier is built with food-grade plastic
  • Protection – Inbuilt voltage stabilizer
  • Versatility – Highly recommended for salt & brackish water

Efficiently removing contaminants such as heavy metals, lead, and pesticides from the water, Aquaguard Enhance is ideal for domestic use.

So which one is better?

As stated above, both Kent Pearl & Aquaguard Enhance has features that are at par with one another. Both purifiers dispense pure and pristine water that is superior in taste. Kent Pearl, however, wins over Aquaguard Enhance in the following aspects:

Higher storage capacity – Kent Pearl can store up to 8 liters of water which is greater than Aquaguard Enhance that can store 7 liters of water.

Detachable Tank– Kent Pearl comes with a removable reservoir, which means that it can be easily dismantled for cleaning purposes.

Fully Automatic Operation – Kent Pearl operates on fully automatic functions including an inbuilt auto flushing system.


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