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Are you feeling unmotivated in life? Now it is the time to build some good habits to change the way of your life. Every successful person will possess some good habits. These habits are the path stones for live achievements. If you are looking for a way to make healthy habits and thinking where to start? An Android device with HabitHub is the app enough to start.
HabitHub Habit & Goal Tracker is an Android based app which lets you set habits and track goals on the go.

How it works?

The app is based on Seinfeld’s productivity secret, which develops building long streaks. These streaks are motivations to keep moving and to achieve goals. If you are trying to build a habit, there are a ton of possible ways to adopt it. The streaks are the ways, where it will form a chain, and it leads to achieving goals.

The user interface of the app is pretty decent. In the first run, the app shows some welcome screens and directly jump to the main page. Here, on the main page, tap on “+” mark to add a Habit of Reward. If you click on Habit, it proceeds to next screen. Here, you have to add habit name, description, and at least three reasons, start date and schedule, how many times do you want to perform the habit during a day, category and archiving options.

HabitHub Graphs

For example, you are trying drink water daily per hour basis. The option How many times do you want to perform the habit? Will help you to set the goal. Over time, the app can get your analytics and will generate graphs for tracking. The”punch card” view shows which days you’re most active for each habit and history shows your number of streaks and its data over time.

  • Features

  • Free up to 5 Habits
  • Cluttered UI


Overall, HabitHub is a good habit and goal tracking for Android users. The app is available for free in Google Play Store.

Download HabitHub for Android.

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